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The first licensees to operate vineyards in Québec were issued in the mid-1980s. Today, the five original winegrowers are joined by more provincial winemakers thriving on challenges. Recently Québec vintners sold 250,000 bottles of their hardy wines in one year. With a production last year of 70,000 bottles, l'Orpailleur is by far the market leader. At a 1992 international competition held in Montreal, the vineyard was awarded a bronze medal for dry white wine, a first for any Québec wine.

"L'orpailleur" means "the gold-panner" and in Québec where Arctic-like winters can bring bone-chilling temperatures as low as -30C along with several feet of snow, any effort to grow wine grapes commercially seems as unlikely to produce results as sifting dirt for riches. Despite the risks, "les vignerons québecois" have learned how to fend off the cold and produce attractive table wines. Their efforts have also produced an unusual twist to local tourism.

Most of the wineries in Quebec are small and can be found south of Montréal close to the border above Vermont. The wines are usually available only at the vineyard itself. Visiting the wineries can be interesting as they include maple sugar, jams, crafts and other products to compliment their income.

Since the French language is prominent in Quebec and information is difficult to obtain We have done our best to place the wineries within six regions according to Association des Vignerons of Quebec.

The Quebec Winegrowers Associations has been trying to normalize issues of quality since 2009, with the creation of the "vin du Quebec" certification. It involves 13 taste-checks and standards for every aspect of wine production, from planting to fermentation. 


Montérégie Wineries:

  • Artisans du Terroir
  • Domaine La Branche
  • Le Chat Botté winery
  • Château Fontaine winery
  • Clos Mont-Saint-Hilaire
  • Cortellino winery
  • Côte de Vaudreuil
  • Coteau Rougemont winery
  • Coteau St-Paul winery
  • Domaine clos St-Bernard
  • Domaine du Fleuve winery
  • Domaine St-Jacques
  • Domaine De Lavoie
  • Domaine des Salamandres winery
  • Hydromellerie du Vieux Moulin
  • J.O. Montpetit et Fils winery
  • Kobloth winery
  • La Face Cachée de la Pomme
  • Le château de la grange
  • Le Grand Saint-Charles winery
  • Le Mas des Patriotes winery
  • Les Petits Cailloux
  • Miltonia winery
  • Romance du vin winery
  • Saint-Remi
  • Vignoble Kobloth
  • Vignoble des Pins
  • Vignoble du Marathonien
  • Vignoble les Murmures
  • Vignoble Le Royer St-Pierre
  • Vignoble Morou
  • Vignoble Sous Les Charmilles
  • Vineyard 1292

Eastern Townships Wineries - Les Cantons de l'Est

  • Cep d'Argent
  • Chapelle Ste Agnes
  • Château de cartes winery
  • Chemin de la Rivière winery
  • Clos Saragnat
  • Clos Ste-Croix Winery
  • Clos du Roc Noir
  • Côte des Limousins winery
  • Domaine Bergeville
  • Domaine Bresee
  • Domaine de l'Ardennais
  • Domaine des Cotes d'Ardoise
  • Domaine du Ridge
  • Domaine Félibre
  • Domaine Ives Hill.
  • Domaine les Bromes
  • Domaine Pinnacle
  • Gagliano Vineyards
  • L'Ecole du 3e rang winery
  • La Grenouille
  • La Halte des Pèlerins
  • Léon Courville's vineyard
    Vignoble Bromont Domaine Vitis
  • Le Vignoble Du Ruisseau
  • Les Trois Clochers
  • Pigeon Hill winery
  • Union Libre cidre & vin
  • Val Caudalies - vignoble et cidrerie
  • Vignoble d’Orford
  • Vignoble de La Bauge
  • Vignoble de l'Orpailleur
  • Vignoble la Bauge
  • Vignoble la Mission
  • Vignoble les Chants de Vignes
  • Vignoble les Pervenches
  • Vignoble Morou
  • Vignoble Sugar-Hills

Lower Laurentials Wineries - Basses Laurentials

  • La Cantina, Vallée d'Oka
  • La Bullerie 
  • La Romance Du Vin
  • Le Vignoble Du Clos Baillie
  • Vignoble de La Riviere du Chene
  • Vignobles des Negondos
  • Vignoble les Vents d’Anges

Laurentials Wineries

  • Carone Vineyards
  • Domaine de l'Ile Ronde closed
  • Mondor Winery
  • Saint-Gabriel winery
  • Vignoble Bouche-Art
  • Vignoble aux Pieds des Noyers
  • Vignoble Lano d'Or Inc.
  • Vignoble St Thomas

Quebec City Area Wineries:

  • Clos Lambert
  • Coop Des Producteurs Viticole Bourg-Royal
  • Domaine de la Source a Marguerite
  • Domaine des 3 Moulins
  • Domaine des Météores winery
  • Domaine l'Ange Gardien
  • Domaine Mont Vézeau
  • la Charloise
  • Les 1001 vignes winery
  • Vignoble de Sainte-Petronille
  • Vignoble Isle de Bacchus
  • Vignoble Mitan
  • Vignoble la Cache a Maxime
  • Vignoble Le Moulin du Petit Pe
  • Vignoble le Nordet

Off the Beaten Path

  • Domaine Acer
  • Little Red Wagon
  • Domaine Small
  • Domaine l'Espiègle

The Province of Quebec

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We invite the wineries, cideries amd meaderies of Quebec to contact us and provide information, listing are free.

Nous invitons les caves, cidreries et meaderies du Québec à nous contacter et à nous fournir des informations, les inscriptions sont gratuites.

Domaine des Cotes d'Ardoise

Domaine des Cotes d'Ardoise


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