Wineries of New Brunswick

Magnetic Hill Winery
Magnetic Hill Winery

Belleisle Vineyard Inc.

Springfield New Brunswick
E5T 2K2 Canada

This winery opened in 2003 and started a vine regeneration program in 2010 for more sustainable vines. Operating under the trade names Gillis of Belleisle Winery and Springfield Vineyards, the winery is managed by Alan Gillis and its winemaker is Hyun Suk Lee, from South Korea. Mr Lee started at the winery in 2010 and his changes have already brought results, with All Canadian Wine Championship and Canadian Wine Awards medals for his Premium Red in 2011. Located at the head of Belleisle Bay, the winery in nestled in one of the most beautiful river valleys in all of New Brunswick. Built with Italian wineries in mind, the winery itself is as beautiful as its surroundings. The winery is growing Marquette and Muskette varieties and has upwards of 6 wines in production.

The winery specializes in amarone fermentation with its grapes as well as its non-traditional Cranberry desert wine, which is becoming popular in China. All the wines are for purchase at the winery and select restaurants throughout New Brunswick.

Please see Gillis of Belleisle

Winemaker: Hyun Suk Lee

Belliveau Orchard

Route 925, Pré d'en Haut

A Historical Place

Located in Pré-d'en-Haut, just outside Moncton, New Brunswick, Belliveau Orchards invite you to discover the region it has called home since 1932 , at the height of the Great Depression, a gentleman named Sébastien Bourgeois returned to his village after having succeeded as an entrepreneur in the US. His intentions were two-fold: Create employment for people in his community and take advantage of what he recognized as prime apple growing conditions. Indeed, the rolling hills of clay loam soils, the moderating effect of the Bay of Fundy, and the healthy-looking apple trees that already dotted the landscape motivated him and others to establish their first 100 trees.

Family-owned and operated, They offer a wide variety of fresh produce, juices and wines, available at its country-style market. The winery and cidery is owned by Robert Bourgeois. His son sam is folowing in his footsteps.

Over 80 acres in apple orchards, smaller plantings of pear and grapes. The orchards now comprise over 70 000 apples trees. Their store, café and main facilities are handicap accessible. pen year around.

signature wines: Our Scow Craft Cider, Pré-d'en-Haut Sparkling Apple and our Pear Wine

Winemaker: Éric Noël
Philosophy: Expressing the character of the fruit

Domaine Latitude 46 Estate Winery

110, rue Principale Street,
Memramcook, NB,
E4K 1A9


The 6 acre winery is owned by Dr. William Fitch and Linda Fitch. Having had a dream to own and run a small winery, a chance meeting with the real estate agent holding the listing led to deeper examination of the lands and building. Unfortunately, all the wine-making equipment had been sold off, but the vineyard equipment was still there. They saw a great opportunity to fulfill the dream, at a great location close to Moncton, a major city population. This led to negotiations and an offer to buy. The rest, as they say, is history.

Located on the banks of the Petitcodiac River, the vineyard sits on a gentle south facing slope and holds six acres of vines. They grow Frontenac Red, Marquette, Petit  Perle, Sabrevois, Frontenac Blanc, L’Acadie, ES 2-3-17, Seyval Blanc, Oceola Muscat, Frontenac Gris. The winery produces 200 cases a year.

The finches purchased the property in 2012 and opened in 2017.

Charlie Donnahee – Vineyard manager. Linda Fitch – CFO.

Winemaker: Bill Fitch and Nicolas Parisi
Winemaking Philosophy: The Old World Craft of Wine Making – Made Locally



Dunham's Run Estate Winery

Gorhams Bluff Road
Kingston, NB

Nestled on the Kingston Peninsula, Dunham's Wharf Vineyard sits on 22 acres of prime vineyard land. The owners  Tony and Margie Rickett daughter named her dog Dunham. When she left for college Dunham stayed behind to remained run through the vinelands. The winery's name is a tribute to the departed Dunham. The winery opened in 2012.

Ramsey Khairallah winemaker and vineyard manager studied at Niagara College where he received a diploma in Wine and Viticulture. From Niagara College, he continued on to Brock University to complete a Bachelor of Science in Oenology and Viticulture at Brock's Cold Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI). After completing co-op placements at Creekside Estate Winery and Tawse Winery in the Niagara Peninsula, Ramsey ventured internationally to explore other cool climate grape growing regions.

Current product is 1000 cases their goal to establish themselves' as a premier estate bottled winery..

Dunham Runs will operate as a Crushpad for other winemakers. They also produce specialty products such as mead, ice wine, hard cider and port.

Rickett has already made a name for himself as the first New Brunswick winery to make sparkling wine using the traditional-method from the early 18th Century.

Winemaker: Ramsey Khairallah
Philosophy: to make great wine.  We believe that great wine starts in the vineyard

Gagetown Cider Company

16 Fox Road
Gagetown, New Brunswick
E5M 1W6

Gagetown Cider

Nestled into the bank of a bend in the Saint John River, Gagetown Cider Company is a branch of Stirling Farms, NB, owned by Blair and Brenda Stirling. Blair is a 3 rd generation fruit grower, whose family owns the large Stirling Farms operation in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. Blair came to New Brunswick in 1976 to run the operation in Gagetown and married Brenda, a Fredericton native. They retail 15 different products including a unique apple "iced" wine, all available at their retail store on the farm site. Call 506-488-2147 for store hours.

Prior to 1940 the farm was called The Cossar Farm Site. The Cossar Farm Site is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with pre-Loyalist settlement and for its continuous agricultural use

Applemanfarms Ltd owns the cidery

Happy Knights Wine

9 Johnson Road Rd., 
Kingston, NB E5N 1Z4




Happy Knight Wines was established in early 2010 by Matt and Angela Guptill. The winery acreage is located on the warm, sunny slopes at the head of Belleisle Bay in Hatfield Point, NB. The land was originally settled in 1784 and, eight generations later, remains as the only piece of ‘Loyalist-granted’ land in the area still held by the original family. The Guptill family is excited to be part of this heritage and is proud to carry on this agricultural tradition

Since their launch they have won a total of 12 national and Atlantic Canadian awards including Wine Align gold medal two years in a row for our Creme de cassis liqueur.  

Happy Knight currently is producing 20,000L per year and expects to be between 30,000L - 40,000L by end of 2015. l Distribution is throughout NB and NL. They have been approved for listing in PEI as well and expect to launch there in 2015.

They currently sell 5 products:3 fruit wines: black currant, apple and cranberry......both currant and apple are award winning products; 1 liqueur: Creme de cassis and i mead

New facilities will be build in 2015

Winemaker: Consultant Dominic Rivard

La Ferme Maury

Les vins de l'Acadie”
2021, route 475,
St-Édouard-de-Kent , NB
E4S 4W2


Serge Maury is New Brunswick's first true commercial grape winemaker. His fruit farm and vineyards are located in a sheltered microclimate just off the Northumberland Strait and close to the Bouctouche Dunes Ecological Preserve. The name of the winery was chosen to reflect the particularity of the region, known for fruits and also in memory of the first newcomers (Acadians)

Serge is originally from Paris, France, in 1994  he and his wife Denise Boucher purchased the dairy farm that is now their home. Serge planted his first vines in 1996; created his first wines in cooperation with Winegarden Estate; and has been selling his wines since April 2000. Cuvée St.- Édouard is his premier dry red wine, but they have 4 other fruit wines.

La Ferme Maury was the first cooperative cottage winery in New Brunswick.

Their goal is to develop more specialties for the region (produits du terroir), such as more fruit wines; Blueberry wines, Elderberry wines, Strawberry wines...

Signature wine: La Dune a strawberry desert wine

Winemaker: Serge Maury

The family also runs a thriving campground on site

Magnetic Hill Winery

860 Front Mountain Road,


The winery has done some major renovations of late to which we are trying to find out about??


Magnetic Hill Winery is situated in a lovely old homestead originally built in the 1870s, and is designated as a Heritage property. The winery opened in 2005 is owned and operated by Jeff and Janet Everett.

The Evertts have been farming since 1987 and developed a large strawberry and raspberry u-pick but was tired of dealing with Mother Nature and wanted to create a value added product that could be sold all year long. Wine has always been their favourite choice of beverage so they decided to create a winery.

The name comes from the Magnetic Hills. Magnetic Hill has been a top attraction in New Brunswick for over 100 years. Originally part of a provincial highway, Magnetic Hill was eventually sold to the City of Moncton and preserved as a tourist attraction while a bypass highway was built around it. Magnetic Hill Park won a Top Attraction award with Attractions Canada. See for yourself - put your vehicle in neutral and let it roll uphill without power! Magnetic or magic?

Signature Wines Bay of Fundy Blue a Blue Berry wine and their Dry White. Chocolate River Series, are the dessert style that compliments dark chocolate

Winemaker: Jeff Everett, Consultant Jim Warren

philosophy We take everything that is grown locally and turn into wine like our ancestors in a restored home as old as Canada


Miellerie Honey

280, chemin Craig road
Charlo, NB, E8E 2J7

A new entry into mead production the owner a retired teacher has made a successful business producing honey. The owner has 29 years of experience as a beekeeper, he is a member of the board of directors  (New Brunswick Beekeeper Association) he is also the inspector into agricultural for the north of the province.

Beekeeper Jacques Levesqu

Motts Landing Vineyards

3506 Lower Cambridge Road
Cambridge-Narrows, NB
Canada E4C 1S6

David Craw founded the winery He began the work in 2002. Sonia Carpenter Davis's partner is the winemaker. David and Sonia have experimented with several different indigenous grape varieties, trying to figure out what works best for their soil

Located on the shore of the Washademoak Lake in the picturesque village of Cambridge-Narrows.

Here at Motts Landing we really have two main goals. Firstly to make the best wines in the Maritimes and the second to do our part in rekindling an interest in Agriculture for the region we live in.

Signature wine: Cranpagne a sparking cranberry wine.

Winemaker: Sonia Carpenter

Pioneer Estates

39 Whitfield Trites Rd.,
Moncton, NB

Pioneer Estates is a six-acre vineyard located at the highest point in the Moncton area, with beautiful vistas of surrounding forests and cityscapes. Owned by the Fraser Family headed by O. Shaun Fraser owner of Pump House Brewery Group. The wineries name honours the early pioneers that settle in the province.

Vineyard Manager Ian Banks also acts as the head coach of the New Brunswick Alpine Ski Team.

15 acres

Petite Pearl-Red
Frontenac Gris/Blanc-White
Osceola Mutant-White

winemaker: Don Richard
Philosophy: To combine old world methods with modern day varietals

PK Vineyards

Young's Cove

Pellerin-Kennedy Vineyard were first planted in 2010 on the south east edge of Grand Lake. The land has been in the Kennedy family since the mid 1800s Don and Carolyn Pellerin are the owners.

Richibucto River Wine Estate

940 Route 495
Mundleville NB
E4W 2N5 Canada

Richibucto River Wine Estate was established in 2005. It is owned and operated by its founder, Alan Hudson and his family. The estate is set beside the Richibucto River, providing visitors with beautiful sunsets and breathtaking views. The winery is named after the river to reflect the region.

Alan Hudson grew up locally and had lived on the property with his family for 20 years before starting the vineyard. He is also the winemaker, although in 2017 he began teaching his youngest son, Derek,

They have the largest vineyard twenty acres in the province and are the most Northern. The hybrid grapes are harvested by hand, processed, and put into tanks until ready to be bottled. All wines are made from estate grow grapes.

signature wines are River Mist, Valiant Rose ,Marechal Foch Reserve

winemaker: Alan Hudson
Philosophy: Pay Attention

Tuddenham Farms

Route 1, Oak Bay

Oak Bay is less than 10kms from St. Stephen and Fred and Janet Tuddenham, sons Todd and Troy, and daughter Tanis, operate a large blueberry and Christmas tree farm just off the main highway, plus a very successful farm market in the summer. Janet's grandfather, Sanford Newell, started a blueberry business in 1923. His son Carl expanded the business and Janet, Carl's daughter, has carried on the family involvement. Janet had always made blueberry wine, and in July of 2001, her hobby became a cottage winery operated by her son Todd.

Waterside Farms Cottage Winery

2008 Scenic Route 915
Waterside, NB E4H 4M9

(506) 887-2058

Located on the beautiful Bay of Fundy.

Owner Ed Mantell family came to Canada in 1947. It was a family tradition to make wine.
Seven years ago Ed decided he wanted to make outstanding Blueberry wine and began to develop his winery.

Waterside Farms Cottage Winery is committed to developing a wild blueberry wine packed with the natural flavonoids to increase the antioxidant value of our wine. All of our wines are fermented, filtered and bottled on site using our own blueberries


Winegarden Estate

851 Route 970,
Baie Verte

Werner Rosswog
his wife Roswitha Rosswog arrived in Canada from Germany in 1983. His  family would become a catalyst for a new industry in their adopted province. Winegarden Estate was the first fruit wine-distillery in Atlantic Canada. Forging a new industry where none existed before was not easy, but through tenacity and perseverance, the owners of Winegarden Estate paved the way for future growth of agri-tourism in New Brunswick and opened doors previously closed to the cottage wine industry.

Underlying many of the cottage wines produced in New Brunswick is the talent and expertise of Werner and Roswitha Rosswog of Baie Verte, outside Port Elgin. Together with their daughters Elke and Christina and son Steffan they opened Rosswog Farm Distillery in May of 1992. When the cottage winery program came into being in 1999, the Rosswog family worked cooperatively with Gagetown Cider to produce the first apple wines. They have also been essential to the success of Ferme Maury, Tierney Point Winery and Tuddenham Farms. In 1998, Rosswog Farm was incorporated as Winegarden Estate Ltd. and in 2017 they celebrated their 25 th anniversary . They carry a selection of over 50 wines and liqueurs.

VM Cuvée – The initials VM represent not only the Valiant and Minnesota grapes this wine is made of, but also Dr. Victor McLaughlin of Riverview, NB, a passionate grapevine selector. He donated more than two thousand selected vine cuttings to Winegarden Estate Ltd. because he was happy to find a New Brunswick winemaker who made the production of grape wine from locally grown grapes possible. Naming this wine after him is our way of saying thank you to Dr. Victor McLaughlin and his wife, Peggy. Cheers!

Winemaker Steffen Rosswog


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