Petite Milo

Petite Milo: Another Valentin Blattner cross, this very early ripening pink grape is well suited to maritime climates such as Nova Scotia’s. It offers good potential for making stylish aromatic wines and as a useful component for blending. The grape is also finding a home on Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley MT Lehman region.

Petite Milo

  • Pink coloured grape well suited to maritime climates such as NS.
  • Developed recently in Switzerland by Vladimir Blattner.
  • Based on a complex cross of cabernet sauvignon with the American species riparia & the Asian species amurensis.
  • There is no labrusca grapes in its parentage thus avoiding a “foxy” character.
  • The grapes are early ripening and disease resistant.
  • This varietal can achieve high sugar levels while retaining good acidity.
  • Wines produced can attain similar character to Alsatian style wines.
  • The grapes and clusters on the vine are small and concentrated.
  • Tropical fruit aromas can develop with wines from this varietal.

The wines from this grape can be found at Jost Vineyards, Gaspereau Vineyards and Avondale Sky

Recently the grapes can be found in the vineyards of Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley. Unsworth Vineyards in Mills Bay produces a 100% Petite Milo as does Seaside Pearl winery in the Fraser Valley. Enrico near cherry point makes a Falconet Petit Milo and on Salt Spring Island, Mistaken Identity.

The strong notes of fruit and high acidity in this wine lends itself to pairing with a variety of foods, depending upon the sweetness level of the finished wine.  Terrific on their own, they can be enjoyed with anything from white fish, green vegetables, onion risotto, quiche or dessert.

Note: I came across Petit spelled with and without the "e" at the end.




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