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Prince Edward County



Prince Edward County is Ontario`s second best known wine region, on the opposite side of the lake from Niagara-on-the-Lake. A Designated Viticultural Area in Ontario with close to 40 wineries  The growing season is as long as the Niagara Region's with winters that are colder. Vineyards grow next to Lake Ontario, which has a moderating effect on the air temperatures. PEC has become famous for its limestone-rich, fertile and well drained clay loam soil. Climate: Hot and sunny, Hillier is one of the driest areas of Ontario with a moderating easterly breeze from Lake Ontario. The winters, however, can drop to temperatures that may threaten survival of the crops. For this reason, all vines are covered with soil for the winter.

Amanda's Vineyards

419 County Road 25
Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0

Amanda's Vineyards


Amanda's Vineyards is a family-owned winery,  located in beautiful Prince Edward County, just 5 minutes away from Lake On The Mountain. Its founder, Mihai Geangalau,  invites you to sample its carefully crafted wines,  which are the expression of the terroir of the region and his passion for wine.

"The name comes from my daughther since she is full of joy and I believe this is what wine is about."

Winemaker: Mihai Geangalau

Barnyard Wine Co (3630)


May no longer be producing wines

A new winery in 2013 owned by Laas Turnbull and wife Nancy Tong along with Lass's parents, Bill and Anu Turnbull. The cryptic name 3630 is a reference to the number of vines per acre, which is relatively high. High-density planting forces the root systems to compete for nutrients and reach deeper into the earth for the good stuff.

There first release was 3630 Chardonnay. Also been produced champagne-method sparkling wines based on chardonnay and pinot noir


Bergeron Estate Winery

9656 Loyalist Parkway
Adolphustown, ON K0K 1G0

After a careful study and the assistance of a well known viticulturist the Bergeron Family ( David and Mary) selected land on the North Shore of the Bay of Quite River. The vineyards are facing the eastern side of Prince Edward County As they wanted to specialize in Red French (Pinot Noir & Gamay Noir) their search included soil analysis. The estate now boasts ideal growing conditions for their Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Vidal, Riesling and Gewurtraminer grapes.

Having Lindsay Clay soils with Limestone just 3 to 5 feet underneath and located in a very historical part of this region contributed to their decision. The property also has a very gentle slope down to the lake which made the choice concrete.

The first plantings were in 2003 the winery opened in 2007 and won tourism business of the year award

Signature wines: Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Vidal

Cole Point Cider 

Winemaker: David Bergeron
Philosophy: Making the highest quality wines possible with each vintage and trying to tie in our visitors closer to the vineyard while creating world class wines.

Black Prince Winery

13370 Loyalist Parkway RR. #1
Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Black Prince Winery was conceived by John Sambrook (General Manager of the Opimian Society) in 2000, who wanted to establish a winery in this lovely, picturesque area of Prince Edward County. This region has the viticultural landscape to produce first-rate wines with the vineyards located on a fertile, sandy loam ridge The Black Prince was an Edward (Edward County), eldest son of Edward III.

The vineyards 10 acres planted; Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, Baco Noir, Regent, Marechal Foch and Seyval Blanc. The winery is currently producing 5,000 cases with production plans for 10,000. Black Prince brand sits as “Many Terrior, One Winery” having wine available from Black Prince as well as some of the small grape growers in PEC, such as Bella Vigne and Hillier. Visitors are invited to experience wine crafted from many of the diverse vineyards in “The County” and find some medieval lore along the way.

Signature wines include: Chardonnay, Geisenheim and Chambourcin.
Icewines include exporting to France Hillier Pinot an organic produce wine

General Manager: Geoff Webb
Winemaker: Michael Fallow
Philosophy: Craft fine, accessible wine

Broken Stone Winery

524 Closson Road
Hillier, Ontario  K0K 2J0

Micheline & Tim Kuepfer fell in love with the bucolic Prince Edward County after only one visit. A urban family with four children they had a dream to live in the country In 2009 they purchased a 34 acre farm that had a forest, three hayfields, helpful neighbours, and a thousand newly planted grapevines.

They wanted to find a name that represented the terroir of the area. The vineyard is on hillier clay loan and the vineyard floor is mostly limestone with very shallow soil. They wanted to include rock or stone in the name and came up with Broken Stone after much discussion and debate. We especially like the name Broken Stone because if you invert the words it becomes Stone Broke, which, after owning a vineyard is how we feel.

Hard work and care for the land creates a vineyard whose beauty is captured in the bottle. 

Broken Stone create small quantities of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. The family works the vineyard, makes the wine and staffs the tasting room taking pride in producing a product that people can share with friends.

Winemaker: Tim Kuepfer
Philosophy: To make a wine that reflects Prince Edward County terroir that we and our friends enjoy drinking.

Casa-Dea Estates Winery

1186 Greer Road RR 1
Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

Casa-Dea Estates Winery, Prince Edward County, is the new name for the former Carmela Estate Winery

Domenic Di Pietrantonio grew up in the small village of Lettomanoppello located in the Abruzzi area of Italy. At an early age, Domenic left home to study with the monks and as he entered the priesthood, he was assigned to the wine cellar room at the monastery. The experience stayed with him and he fell in love with the true art of wine making— this underlying passion is why Casa-Dea Estates Winery exist today.

After immigrating to Canada in the 1950's Domenic found great success in the manufacturing industry but his passion to make great wine was still unfulfilled. It was this passion that took him back to Italy years later to study the art of winemaking (oenology/viticulture). Upon his return to Canada he started planting a vineyard on Cold Creek Road in Prince Edward County, which is still one of our production vineyards. In 2009, Domenic purchased a second vineyard and it's winery which is now Casa-Dea Estates Winery.

Signature wines: - Pinot Gris and Cabernet Franc

Winemaker: Paul Battilana
Philosophy: to keep the unique character of the county and express its terroir in our wines; while maintaining an enjoyable approachable wine.

The County Cider Company

RR 4 Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Located in Prince Edward County in eastern Ontario owned and operated by Grant Howes. The historical farm house can be traced back to 1835. Current day operations began in 1976. County Cider has the largest orchard of selected European cider apples in North America. With a reputation for quality ciders County Cider has proceeded to plant 5 acres of grapes.

Cider master Jenifer Dean
Philosophy: The Ciders are made according to Bavarian purity laws, using only high quality juice, no concentrates, no artificial flavors and no heating. "Quality of our ciders is the result of the care taken in growing our apples."

By Chadsey's Cairns Winery and Vineyard

17432 Loyalist Parkway RR 1
Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

The winery is located 5 kms west of the village of Wellington on the Loyalist Parkway/Highway 33 and has a wonderful collection of old barns that form a new world “Clos” that transports visitors back to an earlier time. In fact, the parking lot is adjacent to the pioneer cemetery where James Chadsey, Ira's grandfather was interred in 1809. The winery itself is established inside the stables that accommodated six teams of draft horses.

By Chadsey's Cairns is named after Ira Chadsey 1828-1905, who was the rather idiosyncratic owner of our 215 acre farm. He was said to have believed that he would be reincarnated as a white horse. As a result, he built Cairns or stone monuments around the horse field behind the original home on the property marking it clearly enough that he would know he was home when he was transformed. Fourteen of the cairns still exist today. When we first arrived on the farm in 1995 we bought a light grey Arabian and she spooked a number of our older neighbours who were sure that Ira was back.

Richard Johnston and his wife Vida Zalnieriunas, have grand plans for their 215-acre farm and are firm believers in the potential of the Prince Edward County wine industry. They began planting vines in 1999 with 3000 Riesling in the field next to the Applehouse Ira built in about 1850, which now houses their tasting room and store.

Ann Sperling, joined the winery in 2005,as wine consultant to apprentice winemaker Vida.Vida likes to let the wines express their vintage and other aspects of the terroir with as little intervention as is practical. In some years, that means holding back some juice for reinsertion prior to bottling to balance off the natural acidity of “the County”, with the wine's own natural sugars.

The vineyards have slightly different soil mixes. The Applehouse Vineyard is on an ancient beach now called Brighton Gravelly Sand, while the Wellington vineyard has some Ameliasburgh Clay on the slope off the buried beach and the King Eddie not only has both these soils in its eight acres but also incorporates some Hillier Clay closer to Lake Ontario.

By Chadsey's Cairns grows eight vinifera varietals producing small batches of single varietal wines with occasional blends. The Riesling expresses a significant and unique minerality thought to derive from the broken shells of the ancient beach and from the calcerous limestone that underpins it. Unusually cold winters kept Vida from duplicating the very successful 2002 Gewürztraminer, with a clean acid enhanced-finish to the floral and lychee-rich middle. The 2005 vintage was well worth waiting for. In the reds the Pinot has been layered and subtle and the Gamay has been more terroir and vintage affected than any of the varietals. With the only Chenin Blanc planted in the County, By Chadsey's Cairns hopes to have a special Loire-like product to attract its particular following.

The store and most of property is accessible for people with disabilities. Store hours are 11pm – 6pm (5pm late fall) from April until Christmas. Wine can be ordered through the website and out of province deliveries can be arranged.

Winemaker: Vida Zalnieriunas

Clafeld Fruit Winery

3015 County Road 8
Picton, Ontario Canada
K0K 2T0

Part of Waupoos Estates Winery Clafeld Fruit Winery and Market place! They are located just across the street. Opened in the spring of 2014


Cape Vineyards

4203 County Rd 8 RR#4
Picton Ontario 


In 2010, after many years of wine making and researching the best land in Prince Edward County, Michael Lewis found Cape Vessey. He purchased 120 acres of prime land protected by a limestone rock escarpment and Lake Ontario. The property included a large vineyard that was planted in the 1990's that needed extensive work to restore, it was the perfect canvas to build the winery.

Slowly and carefully along with his partner Kristen Rogers the vineyard was brought back to life. Their approach was to do the work ourselves and use biodynamic farming principals with respect for our land and surrounding water. Taking a minimalist approach to any sprays that are required. They saved as much vinifera as possible and added additional varietals to round out a balanced portfolio.

Construction of the winery started in January 2013. Micheal and Kristen took on most of the build themselves. With the enlisted help of family and friends, the building was wrapped up with our opening to the public in July 2014.

Michael Lewis's approach to his wine making is, let the grapes speak for themselves. We do the work by hand. We pick our grapes by hand, crush, gently press and rack the wines. The wines clarify using gravity, time and natural cooling methods. He doesn't add any extra additives, preservatives, industrial yeasts or bacterias, colourants, thickeners, water, sugar, or substances for clarifying or finishing the wines. Our wine contains only 100% fermented Prince Edward County grapes.

Kristen Rogers was born and raised in Prince Edward County, grew up on a farm in Cherry Valley and spent her childhood working on the farm. At the age of 15 she planted her first vineyard for Chris and Nora Rogers owners of the Waring House. Kristen had fallen in love with grape growing and Prince Edward County wine. Together Michael and Kristen continue living and working toward their dreams at Cape Vineyards

Winemaker: Micheal Lewis
Philosophy: Let the grapes speak for themselves.

Closson Chase Vineyard and Winery

629 Closson Road
Hillier, ON K0K 2J0

Closson Chase began back in 1998 with seven hectares when Geoff Heinrick and Deborah Paskus studied the soil of Prince Edward County determining that outstanding Burgundian could do well.
After producing successful wines Seaton Mclean and his wife Sonja Smits who had purchase a country home in the area offered to back Deborah leading to the open of Closson Chase in 2004

This charming winery is housed in a heritage barn that has been restored and refurbished to accommodate a tasting room, a shop offering a connoisseur's selection of exclusive wine accessories, crystal and glassware as well as the processing facilities

Deborah Paskus, one of Canada's premier winemakers is using centuries-old European traditions to create the exceptional Pinot Noirs and Chardonnay's that the County is building its reputation on.

Proprietors of Closson Chase Vineyards
Seaton McLean, Sonja Smits, Mike MacMillan, Gene McBurney, Andy Thomson Bill Fanjoy and Deborah Paskus

Viticulturalist/ winemaker: Keith Tyers

Philosophy: We focus only on these two grape varieties—because the creation of exceptional wines requires exceptional focus. Our fine wines are the product of several important factors: winemaking practices developed by Old world masters over centuries, the best grapes imported from France, and the right soil and conditions.

In cool climates, grapes grown in poor soil on south facing slopes typically produce the finest wines. Our vineyards are perfectly placed – and in fact are strikingly similar to the world-famous vineyards of the Burgundy region in France.

Our process is painstaking. We start with a high density planting and as the season progresses, the crop is strategically reduced to ensure that the grapes reach full maturity. Once harvested, the juice is gently pressed from the skins and natural yeast is introduced to the juice for the fermentation process.

In order for our wines to develop their distinctive character, both the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are allowed to evolve and integrate for up to 18 months in French Oak barrels. Then, for good measure, they rest for another six months once bottled. Given all this effort to nurture the complexity of these wines, why spoil a good thing with filtration? Our wines are unabashedly unfiltered.

Cold Creek Vineyards

1521 Danforth Road
Hillier ,Ontario

Located in the rolling green hills of Prince Edward County with its rich limestone soil perfect for Burgundian such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Viticulturist Chris Braney is the owner.

Chris has a passion with a strong belief in Prince Edward County Pinot Noir

This is a growth vineyard they do not produce wines.

They do produce cider.

Philosophy: Farming is as much as an art as a science.  Knowing our hillsides and understanding the needs of the vines to produce great fruit are behind every decision we make. 
The elements come together in just the right way: lake effect, slope, sun exposure, soil and climate.  Our vineyard practices are quality driven: with low yields and extensive handwork, we get fruit with intense flavour.

Del-Gatto Estates

3609 County Road 8
Picton, ON K0K 2T0

A family business with accessible and affordable wines of great quality, and small production. Lured by the beauty of the country and the research he had done on grounding locations in Canada Pat Del_Gatto selected Prince Edward Country for his winery.

The 6 acre vineyard located in Cape Vesey has a variety of vinifera and hybrid grapes: Geisenheim (GM322), St. Croix, Leon Millot, Chardonnay, Marquette, Traminette, Baco Noir, Frontenac, Frontenac Gris and Seyval Blanc.

Winemaker Pat Del-Gatto
Philosophy: Old world, european style (Italy)

Devil's Wishbone Winery

RR#4 1014 county road 7

Located in a century old barn overlooking Lake Ontario near Lake on the Mountain. Paul Gallagher is the owner. Winery is located in a century old barn. The Devils Wishbone was the name the earliest settlers used for their location due to poor soil conditions for farming.  Soil poor for farming can be great for grapes.

Paul Gallagher is the owner and winemaker. The first vines in May 2005 and now has 16 acres of vinifera. Gallagher had a stroke in 1998, followed by open heart surgery and several heart attacks. He turned to the farm in PEC to get his strength back and regain his vocabulary. Working the land, he got back strength in his arms and legs.


Domaine Darius

1316 Wilson Road 8
Hillier, ON K0K 2J0

Small craft winery specializing in small batch wines owned by Joni and Dave Gillingham . The grounds are beautifully landscaped. There is a koi pond home to koi fish, frogs and a turtle.

Darius was Dave’s grandfather’s name and is also his own middle name


Exultet Estate Winery

1106 - 1112 Royal Rd
Milford ON K0K 2P0


Located in the most southern portion of Prince Edward County, a centuries' old farm, formerly including a dairy operation, cheese factory, and apple orchard, has been resurrected to a new life, enriched with flowering grapevines and aging wines. Reuse of the former 1870's Royal Street Cheese Factory as the winery has allowed for minimal impact to our environment, while at the same time preserving a piece of rich heritage. The winery is owned by the Spinosa Family

Vineyards first planted in 2004 are nurtured on limestone rich soils in view of Lake Ontario. The hand-tended and hand-picked fruit are grown with organic materials when possible and minimal chemical use

Signature wines are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Dolce Ghiacciato dessert wine

2013 Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Ontario Wines -  2011 Chardonnay "the Blessed "

 A hands-on, family operated business, making around 1000 cases of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Vidal Icewine, in total a year.  The owners, Gerry and Lia, were exceptionally confident, passionate and proud of their wines.

Winemaker: Gerry Spinosa
Philosophy: We want to make wine from our own vineyard in its irreproducible location, with soil and limestone and presence that can never be from somewhere else.

Gravel Hill Vineyards

567 Closson Road

Opening in 2016 a family owned winery. The winery is owned by Chris Karja and his wife Michelle. Chris's first contact with making wine came in his grandfathers basement

 In 2006 the Karjas planted 2200 vines by hand.  They now have have 6 acres planted with Frontenac Noir, Baco Noir, Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir red varietals  and Vidal Blanc, Frontenac Blanc and Gewürztraminer forwhite varietals

Winemaker: Chris Karja
Philosophy:   A good farmer grows good grapes and that is what you need to make great wines.  Starting with quality fruit is an essential part to making quality wines and making quality wines is our passion.

Half Moon Bay Winery

3271 Country Road
Picton, Ontario

A small winery located where Half Moon Bay & South Bay meet Prince Edward Bay in the North east corner of Lake Ontario.
The vineyard lies on a north facing limestone ridge (the ancient shore of Lake Iroquois) covered in 8 inches of Farmington loam . Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris were planted in 2005 .

Brian Mitchell is the owner

Half Moon Bay Winery does not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers to grow the grape

Winemaker: Brain Mitchell
Philosophy: Our mission is to produce premium Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling and Merlot with minimal intervention, to allow the wine to express the local terroir.

Harwood Estates Winery

18908 Loyalist Parkway
Hillier, ON K0K2J0

The vineyards sits atop one of the high-points of Prince Edward County, in the long, undulating hills at the western entrance to Canada's newest Designated Viticultural Area. The sixty-seven acre estate lies just north of the village of Hillier. Current plantings include Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, St. Laurent and Gewürztraminer.

The winery is owned by Kerry Wicks

The winery is wheelchair, bicycle and RV friendly and offers an electric vehicle charging station.

Solar Powered winery

Winemaker: John Rode

Hillier Creek Estates

46 Stapleton Road
Hillier, ON
K0K 2J0

Hillier Creek Winery

Lisa Morrissey and her husband just bought Hillier Creek Winery - 2021


South-west of the village of Hillier, on Highway 33 (the Loyalist Parkway), is Hillier Creek Estates. First planted in 2002, the estate has 25,000 plants (Pinot Noir, Gamay, Chardonnay and Riesling) on 30 acres. A distinguishing feature of the vineyard is that a creek (of which there are few in the County because of the limestone base)runs through the property. The winery is owned by Kemp Stewart

Kemp Stewart is a retired Senior Logistics Officer with 35 years of military service. His wife, Dr. Amber Stewart, is a family physician, emergency physician and coroner working in Picton.

The barn, now used as the winery, cellar, and tasting room, outdates is estimated to be over 150 years old, the original barn was built directly on the ground. After its purchase by the current owners, it was necessary to raise the barn in order to complete renovation and restoration. A cribbing system was used to hold and suspend the barn, alternating timbers four inches at a time. Upon raising the barn, it was discovered that there were two underground streams, which necessitated the building of a 9000-gallon cistern below the patio. The finished foundation stabilized the structure in 2008, and the barn was completed in 2009.

The estate has 50 acres; 30 of which are planted with Gamay, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling, and Vidal. Production (2010) 3000-4000 cases with plans to expand over the next few years.

In 2013 Hillier Creek Estates plan to expand production of Estate and VQA Ontario wines in order to be listed through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) to broaden their reach and increase overall sales.

signature wines are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Philosophy: Hillier Creek Estates utilizes best practices and innovation in viticulture and winemaking to produce and sell quality wines. We focus on creating a memorable experience for every customer.

~ Q

Hinterland Wine Company

1258 Closson Rd
Hillier Ontario

Nicely located between Lake Ontario and Consecon lake Hinterland benefits from a nice micro Climate. The winery operates out of Benway Barn. Jonas Newman and Vicky Samaras own the winery which is dedicated to making Sparkling wines. Hinterland. decided to focus on sparkling wine from the start in 2007, and today make an excellent range of traditional (Les Etoiles; Rosé), charmat (Whitecap; Riesling) and ancestral (Gamay Ancestral) method bubbly. Quantities are always limited and wines sell out quickly. They produce about 1200 cases

Philosophy: We really see ourselves as terroir enthusiasts, and our real passion is seeing vines grown in the appropriate geographical region and making wines from these regions.

Honey Pie Hives and Herbels


705 County Rd. 24
Prince Edward County


Located in the beautiful Prince Edward county of Ontario. Bay Woodyard and Gavin North founded honey Pie Hives & Herbals in 2000, combining their creative talents and interest in natural healing with a desire to reconnect with our community and our greater natural environment. They make traditional mead as well as metheglins (mead infused with herbs) and pyments (mead infused with fruit).

They build their straw bale farmhouse from 2004-2006 with the help of family and friends. The Cidery is owned by Bay Woodyard and Gavin North.

Winemaker: Gavin North
Philosophy: : As beekeepers we use traditional methods to create small batch mead using local honey and herbs.

Hubbs Creek

Danforth Road
Wellington 'ON

Hubbs Creek Vineyard is a family run vineyard owned by John Battista Calvieri and Joseph Calvieri. They are located on a 500 million-year-old geological formation known as the Lindsay formation from the middle Ordovician period. The soil is stoney (limestone fragments) and calcareous by nature it varies in depths any where from 18 to 36 inches and lies on a fragmented lime stone bedrock. The soil in which Hubbs creek is located is locally known as Hillier clay Loam. It has a high lime content

First planting was in the spring of 2002, selected Dijon Pinot Noir clones and an
experimental plot of Dolcetto were planted


Huff Estates Winery

2274 County Road RR1
Bloomfield Ontario K0K 1G0

Housed in a striking building that incorporates natural elements such as stone, wood and water, Huff Estates Winery is a state-of-the-art facility. The doors officially on June 12, 2004.  The winery is owned by Frank (Lanny) Huff. It opened with its first commercial vintage 2003 consisting of Chardonnay, Riesling and Gamay

The focus at Huff Estates is on producing classic wine varietals such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that are evocative of the local terroir. According to acclaimed winemaker Frédéric Picard, “the County benefits from a unique microclimate and soil, I want the wines from Huff Estates to reflect that. I want our wines to taste like they come from this place.”   The winery has two vineyards one in South Bay and one in Hallowell totaling 40acres

Winemaker: Frederic Picard
Philosophy: Huff Estates is committed to producing wines that will express the finest in terroir from Prince Edward County . With two separate vineyards plantings in South Bay and Hallowell, our goal is to produce wines that capture the essence of the soils and mesoclimates of the unique region of Ontario , Canada .

Karlo Estates Winery

561 Danforth Rd. RR1
Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

Located in the hub of the exciting new wine region of Prince Edward County ("The County"). Its 93 rolling acres of Burgundian soil straddle the regions of Wellington and Hillier. Ideally situated close to the shores of Lake Ontario, Karlo Estates enjoys the lake's moderating effects to alleviate Canada's harsh winters and hot summers. The soil, made up of limestone and the famous Hillier clay.

Karlo is the first Certified Vegan winery in the World. This vegan certification is a result of their belief in the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle on health and environmental welfare.

 Derek Barnett  former winemaker of the year has joined the winery.

The winery is named after the founder the late Richard Karlo

Winemaker:  Derek Barnett 

Keint-He Winery & Vineyards

49 Hubbs Creek Road
Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

A new addition to wineries of Prince Edward county, opened in 2009. The name, Keint-he Winery & Vineyards, is derived from a native word. Keint-he was the name of one of the four Seneca villages in this part of eastern Ontario. The Senecas were one of the five tribes of the Iroquois the word Keint-he was later anglicized into, Quinte and used in English names such as, the Bay of Quinte.

They produce Pinot Noir from their three Hillier vineyards each possessing its own unique terroir. They ultimately aspire to produce 4,000–5,000 cases of ultra-premium wine per year

. Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior

The painting used on their label is called, Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior. The piece was done by Canadian artist, Frances Anne Hopkins (1838–1919)


Lacey Vineyards

804 Closson Road
Hillier, Ontario
K0K 2J0

Charles and Mollie Lacey purchased property in Hillier, in 1982, as a summer retreat.

Hillier is known to be one of the best areas for grape growing in the county.  Its rich Hillier clay loam soil produces wines with profound tastes, textures and balance.  

In 2003 our family planted the first vines in the field: pinot gris, pinot noir, and chardonnay. As years progressed and our palates developed, so did the vineyard. Riesling, gewurztraminer, and baco noir vines were then planted.
In 2009, Lacey Estates opened its retail store. 

Their son Kimball and his wife liz now own the winery.

Kimball’s journey began at Carmela Estates in 2003 as assistant winemaker while also taking the Grape and Wine certificate program at the University of Guelph. In 2007 he joined Closson Chase where he was the associate winemaker with Deborah Paskus. In April 2017 he left Closson Chase to concentrate on Lacey Estates. His main focus is on creating hand-crafted, small batch premium wines and pave the way to a bright future for his 3 children.

Kimball & Liz Lacey were crowned King & Queen of Wassail 2014 on Sunday, November 16 in recognition of their contribution to the Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association over the past year.

Charles and Molly's granddaughter Emily is the assistant winemaker.

Winemaker: Kimball Lacey 

Last House Vineyards

23 County Road 20
Prince Edward County
Ontario, K0K3L0

Last House Vineyards


The last house Vineyard is owned by Andre Gagne.

The name is taken from the book by the American Food Writer, MFK Fisher. She retired to her last house built in a vineyard owned by a friend in Glen Ellen California. Andre and his wife have moved numerous times so they adopted the name for our vineyard and home. We live on the property where the vines are located.

The winemaking philosophy (big word) is Burgundian. Terroir based, focused on the two main Burgundy varietals.  Mostly organic in approach with handwork in the vineyard and hand harvested. Definitely sustainable. Low tech winery with small batch presses and low intensity pump. 

There is a mature vineyard of 1.25 acres which was planted in 2009. It consists of 12 rows of Pinot Noir and 12 rows of Chardonnay. Andre planted an additional 4 acres of vines in 2018/2019 for an addition acre of Pinot (7 rows) and 3 acres of Chardonnay (21 rows). He also planted 135 Golden Russet Apple Trees in 2018/2019 for an eventual single variety cider production.

As small outbuilding has been repurposed as a micro-winery, 600 sq ft with a 200 sq ft concrete crush pad. A second floor of 600 sq ft has yet to be developed. First production of wine was in 2019 with fruit sourced from the estate mature vineyard. This is currently being bottled and will amount to about 90 cases in total (Pinot and Chard).

2020 production should be in the neighbourhood of 240 cases and will include a Blanc de Noir Traditional Method sparkling as well as Pinot and Chard still wine. There is also a small production of Piquette made from Pinot Noir and Cider made from purchased Northern Spy Apples.

Winemaker: Andre Gagne
Philosophy: We believe wine is made in the vineyard and put most of the effort into growing healthy grapes. Winemaking is very non-interventionist. Native yeasts, no nutrient or enzymes or Malo culture. Just minimal Sulphur. Unfiltered and unfined. Mix of new and neutral oak. Some barrel fermentation chard. Hand bottling. Hand corking, etc. 

Lighthall Vineyards

308 Lighthall Road,
Milford, Ontario, Canada

Lighthall Vineyards is a low volume, high quality, family owned and operated winery. They have been in operation since 2009. The primary focus is on our estate-grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with sparkling wine, late harvest and icewine products. Glenn Symons is the owner

They are using a concrete fermentation vessel for their reds

Glenn Symons has quickly established himself as a force in the region, with stellar Pinot Noir & Chardonnay & Gewürztraminer.

Winemaker: Glenn Symons
Philosophy: We endeavour to produce the highest quality wines, primarily from our own grapes, with all employees and family members involved in every step of production, including vineyard work through to final bottling. With our tasting bar inside the production area, we aspire to share this enriching experience with every customer that comes to visit

Long Dog Vineyard


the owner does not appreciate us


Moradin Wines

18055 Loyalist Parkway
Wellington, Ontario K0K 3L0



Sangreal Estate Vineyard is a family-owned vineyard and craft winery that produces estate-grown & bottled wine in the traditional old world Burgundian style.

Christian Morandin’s family comes from the Veneto region of Italy, where world renowned wines are made. Wine and winemaking is in his family’s blood.

Charlene’s family roots have been firmly entrenched in Prince Edward County, beginning with Jacob Wannamaker, her mother’s ancestor born in Rednersville in 1798. After attending Charlene’s family reunion in Ameliasburg, we decided to move to Prince Edward County.

They bid on 3 properties over 3 years before purchasing 33 acres on highway 33 in 2009. During the first year, they planted 3 acres with 33 rows of 3 varietals including Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. In the 3rd season, they planted more Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. That same year, they harvested 3 tonnes of grapes from each of the 3 originally planted varietals.

In our 9th season 2108, they opened our doors to the public, offering 3 estate grown wines including:

Brand label is twenty sixteen

In olde French, Sangreal has two meanings:

  • • Sang Real – Royal Blood in connection with Prince Edward County
  • • San Greal – Holy Grail in the context of Pinot Noir, the Holy Grail of wine


Norman Hardie

1152 Greer Road ,
Hillier, ON K0K 3L0

Opened in 2005, Norman Hardie an Ontario winemaker decided to start his own winery and named the winery after himself and why not; he does all the work. The location was selected for the combination of great soils, microclimate and gentle sloping topography.

The winery is owned by Norman Hardie and The Lennox King Family. Norman honed his wine skills around the globe working as a Sommelier for the Four Seasons Hotel group for 6 years, 1 vintage in Oregon, 3 in Burgundy, 4 at Bouchard Finlayson in South Africa, 2 in Central Otago New Zealand, 2 In Santa Barbara, 4 in Prince Edward County .

The wineries future plans are to produce 4000 cases within the next five years, focus on small batches of highest quality . Quality before quantity The winery produces Pinot Noir Chardonnay and Riesling

Listed as a dog friendly winery

Winemaker: Norman Hardie
Winemaking philosophy: Grow and source the best grapes minimal intervention in the cellar. Only the best French oak barrels

Old Third Vineyard

251 Closson Road
Hillier, ON K0K 2J0

Prince Edward County


The winery is owned by a couple we only know as Bruno and Jen. They started their adventure in 2004. They produce both grape wine and cider

The Old Third Vineyard is located on a steep south-south-east slope in Hillier, Prince Edward County. The soil, Hillier Clay Loam, overlays a friable Ordovician limestone bed about 450 million years old. Heavy and thin, it is mixed with an abundance of limestone gravel and fossils. The Old Third Vineyard contains an unusually large amount of glacial till in the form of granite, sandstone, quartz, marble dragged down by the last ice age from Northern Ontario.

The Old Third Vineyard takes its name from the original term for the area. The property is situated on Closson Road which bisects the Third Concession, a Crown grant near the end of the 18th Century. However, the road was named Closson only relatively recently. Prior to that it was not officially named so the people who lived here called it The Old Third.

Their pride and joy is the cathedral like barn, built in the 1860’s, it was completely restored during the winter of 2006. Rotted beams were taken out and new ones put in, collapsed foundations were rebuilt and the exterior siding replaced with traditional hemlock. It currently houses the winery and tasting room.

Philosophy:  The Old Third is farmed using a reasoned approach to organic viticulture. Our goal is to reduce as much as possible the chemicals applied to our land to improve and maximize its health. We believe that the finest wines are made with this philosophy.

On the Eight County Road

2941 County Road 8
Waupoos, Ontario


The winery is owed by Roberto Lorenzoni

Winemaker: Jenifer Dean


Redtail Vineyard

422 Partridge Hollow Road,
RR3 - Consecon, ON K0K 1T0

Pauline Joicey and Gilbert Provost began their winery in 2002 by purchasing 11 acres, just south of the village of Consecon. Their dream began a few years earlier when rented a summer cottage in PEC and realized the potential for growing grapes. Early spring 2004, the vineyard was cultivated several times and on June 19, 2,400 Pinot Noir and 1,250 Pinot Gris vines were machine-planted. On May 19, 2005, 900 Pinot Gris and 2,780 Pinot Noir followed by 1,450 Pinot Noir on June 16, 2006. The winery is "off the grid" using solar power.

In the summer of 2003, during one of numerous trips from Luskville to Consecon to inspect the construction of their new house, a beautiful Red Tail Hawk appeared perched at the top of a telephone pole across the street from the future vineyard. The same hawk appeared on their next two trip and they new it was a sign to name the winery Redtail. The hawk appeared again on the day they celebrated their first planting

Signature Wines: Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir

Winemaker: Gilbert Provost
Philosophy: Our approach is mostly non-interventionist and lets Nature take its course. As a trained traditionalist, Gilbert carries organic practices from the vineyard into the winery. At harvest, a rigorous trie gives him good control over fruit quality. The Pinot Gris is fermented in stainless steel tanks. The Pinot Noir crop is destalked at 90% as the stems impart astringency. The pulp is mechanically cooled down to 8° C for 7-10 days to extract aromas and colour. As the pulp is allowed to warm up, the natural yeasts start the fermentation which lasts 15 to 20 days at temperature maintained below 34° C. After fermentation, the wine is matured in oak casks for about 12 months, allowing malolactic fermentation to proceed at its own pace.

Robert Thomas Estate Vineyards and Winery

784 County Rd
Cherry Valley, ON


Nicely situated in Prince Edward county with a Lake Ontario inlet to the north and the waters of Lake Ontario to the south east and west. Prince Edward County would be an Island if it were not for a narrow neck connecting it to the mainland

There is no tasting room.

Seeking additional information



Rosehall Run Vineyards

1243 Greer Road
Wellington ON K0K 3L0

The winery opened in 2006 is located in the heart of the Hillier Wine District, Rosehall Run Vineyards offers an intimate, authentic look at viticulture in the County. The founders are : Dan Sullivan, Cam Reston, Lynn Sullivan, Cindy Zwicker Reston . The adventure began in 2000 when they purchased a 150-acre farm on Greer Road in Hillier.

The 25 acre vineyard has Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Chardonnay Musque, Ehrenfelser. Soil type Hillier Clay (clay with limestone gravel/rock over fractured limestone. The first vintage was 2004. Estimated cases between 6,000 - 8,000

2013 JCR Chardonnay has just been Awarded Silver at the  Prestigious International Chardonnay-Du-Monde

Winemaker: Dan Sullivan
Philosophy: winemaking starts in the vineyard . Maintain a hands-on approach to managing the vineyard staff which allows him to keep a close eye on the resulting quality of the fruit.

Sandbanks Estate Winery

17598 Loyalist Parkway
Wellington, ON


Sold to Arterra Wine Company Feb 2020

The wineries founder was Catherine Langlois. Catherine studied winemaking in Burgundy. She worked briefly for an Ontario winery before seeking her own property in 1999. Planting 2.5 hectares (6 acres) of vines: mostly Vidal, Baco Noir, Riesling and Cabernet Franc, as well as some Geisenheim, Pinot Noir, and Maréchal Foch. Sandbanks Winery's vines are planted on a south-facing within sight of Lake Ontario, which moderates the temperature during the year. They are rooted in soil made up of well-drained clay and limestone rock

Signature wines: Baco Noir Reserve and dry Riesling

Winemaker: Catherine Langlois

Philosophy: all great wine begins in the vineyard! Our family estate vineyard was established in 2000 and now, in our 6th year, we personally attend to our six acres of vinifera and hybrid grapes.


76 Station Road
Hillier, ON K0K 2J0

A small family boutique winery that began in 2003 with the purchase of a parcel of farmland near the village of Hillier in Prince Edward County The winery is dedicated to producing premium Pinot Noir. Father (Cliff) and son (Colin) work side by side with Cliff’s wife, Dorothy, while Colin’s wife, Mary, a professional artist, provides artistic direction.

Why Pinot Noir! It is believed that the best Pinot Noir is made from grapes grown in the most northerly terroir that can actually produce and ripen the grape. Prince Edward County is indeed a northerly location and the moderating influence of Lake Ontario which surrounds us makes grape growth and ripening possible. It also boasts the calcareous, limestone-riddled soils that are highly reminiscent of those in Burgundy, the home of world-renowned Pinot Noir wines.

They have a unique winery built using straw bales; the first in Ontario

Winemakers: Cliff and Colin Stanners
Philosophy:bring out the best characteristics that our terroir can instill in the wine that it yields.

Sugarbush Vineyards

1286 Wilson Road RR1
Hillier, ON K0K 2J0

Sugarbush Vineyards is a small 8.5 acre, family owned and operated, vineyard & winery. A young couple with their new daughter purchased a nineteen hectares farm and began planting vines in 2002. currently producing Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, and Pinot Noir. The back 5-6 acres of our property contains sugar Maples. In the future the Pecks hope to take advantage of the maple trees and produce maple syrup as well as wine.

Sugarbush Vineyards plans to grow in small and manageable increments to ensure that it can maintain quality in both its vineyard and its winery using only grapes grown on site. The tasting room opened in the summer of 2007

Winemaker: Rob and Sally Peck
Philosophy: Let the grapes speak!

Terra Estate Winery Inc

896 Lakeside Drive
RR #2 Prince Edward County
Consecon, ON K0K 1T0

Located on the north shore of Consecon Lake which provides cool lake breezes that blow over our vineyards during the hot, dry summer days and moderating lake effects which help insulate from the cold wintery nights. 

Co-founders Ottavio Marchi and Bruno Tam were born to make wine.  They were engaged in vineyard and viticulture practices at a very young age on their families’ farms in the Friuli region of northern Italy. They came to Canada and planted vines in PEC in 2007. They worked the earth together thus the Italian name for earth Terra.

National Wine Awards of Canada 2016 - Riesling effervescent 2014


TerraCello Winery

2436 County Rd 1,
Bloomfield Ontario, K0K 1G0

A family winery owned by Anthony Auciello and his wife Daniela.  The farm Winery located just minutes from Sandbanks beach in an area locally known as “Mountainview”.The Vineyard is perched atop the third highest plateau in all of Prince Edward County.. LA Terra the land and IL Cello the sky.

In 2004 Anthony made a visit to his fathers home town in Italy. Here looking at the land owned by this father He was inspired by Italy’s astounding beauty, vineyards, culture and people, He came back to Canada with a vision. As luck would have it, in 2005 at age 25, he was introduced to Edward County by his mother Franka.

In 2005 Anthony and Daniela found the land they were seeking. They began the hard work of preparing the land and building the facilities. They began salvaging local historic material to create an Tuscan inspired winery tasting room. After seven years of hard but rewarding work the winery opened.

The winery has an indoor wooden fireplace, and two pizza ovens. It features outdoor facilities and a bocce ball court

Winemaker:Anthony Auciello

The Grange of Prince Edward Inc

990 Closson Road.
Hillier, ON K0K2J0

The Grange of Prince Edward Estate Winery is a family run business established in 2002 by Robert Granger and his daughter Caroline.

With 60 acres of vineyards, a pastoral setting and a dramatic tasting room housed in a lovingly restored 1826 barn, The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards & Estate Winery is the Loyalist version of a French wine estate – complete with rich textures, historical outbuildings and old-world ambiance. The vineyards comprise more than 55,000 vinifera and are planted on Hillier clay gravel over calciferous fractured limestone where fields are naturally well drained and surprisingly fertile.  and are ideal growing the classic grapes of Burgundy. Vineyard planting began in 2001 and wine production began with the 2003 vintage These fields are naturally well drained and surprisingly fertile. Set on rolling fields, wetlands for waterfowl and original lanes where one can see deer and pheasant, the Grange of Prince Edward is breathtaking.

Signature Wines – Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Rosé

Winemaker: Caroline Granger
Philosophy The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards & Estate Winery is proud of the history of its farm and is dedicated to producing delicious VQA wines of quality.

The Old Third Vineyard

251 Closson Road
Hillier, Prince Edward County
Ontario, Canada

The Old Third Vineyard is located on a steep south-south-east slope in Hillier, Prince Edward County. The soil, Hillier Clay Loam, overlays a friable Ordovician limestone bed about 450 million years old. Heavy and thin, it is mixed with an abundance of limestone gravel and fossils. The Old Third Vineyard contains an unusually large amount of glacial till in the form of granite, sandstone, quartz, marble dragged down by the last ice age from Northern Ontario. The Vineyard takes its name from the original term for the area

The winery is owned by partners Jens Korberg and Bruno Francois who began their passion of starting a winery in 2004
A high density Burgundian-style growing only Pinot Noir. They also produce cider.

Winemaker:Bruno Francois
Philosophy: Our goal is to reduce as much as possible the chemicals applied to our land to improve and maximize its health. We believe that the finest wines are made with this philosophy.

Three Dog Wine

1920 Fish Lake Road.
Picton, Ontario

Located on one of the highest points of land in beautiful Prince Edward County.

John and Sacha Squair began planting their vineyards back in 1999, and have slowly been increasing plantings ever since. Now growing 7 different varietals of both Vinifera and Hybrids. They attempt to employ the elements of biodynamic's and organics as much as possible, but are not afraid to bring in the "big guns" to ensure that we have quality fruit.

Three Dog Wines estate is made of 100 acres. The back 15 acres is made up of a Sugar Bush. Main planting are 4 clones of Pinot Noir, clone 667,777,828 and 115.

Three Dog Winery got it’s name from our  3 Golden Retrievers. We have always had 3 Golden Retrievers.  The original 3, Angus, Sienna and Chevy are all buried at the vineyard as it was always their favourite place to be. The current 3 – Jersey, Rieki, and Bakkus – are there every chance they can get. All our dogs are rescues from our friends at Golden Rescue Canada

. Three Dog not just a place.  We will offer visitors “a sense of place”. A place where Artists, Artisanal Food Producers, Farmers, Craftsman, can come and set up their wares and offer our space for free to share the “Bounty of the County”.

Winemaker: John Squair


Trail Estate Winery

416 Benway Road,
Hillier, Ontario

Trail Estate Winery sits at the intersection of Benway Road and the Millennium Trail. The Millennium Trail is the remnant of the CN Rail line which went from Picton to Trenton and is now a hiking and recreational trail.

The winery, which will open in 2014, is owned by Anton and Hildegard Sproll, along with their daughter Sylvia and son Alex. Anton and Hildegard, originally from Germany, fell in love with Canada and started Sproll's Fine German Bakery in Kitchener in 1978, which they operated successfully for almost 30 years. Trail Estate Winery is the new venture (or adventure!). in 1978 – Sproll's Fine German Bakery – which they operated successfully in Kitchener for almost 30 years.

Sylvia did her undergraduate studies in Germany It was while harvesting grapes along the Neckar River in southern Germany that her romanticized notion of the grape vine took root.

They have 7 acres producing 400 cases. They plan to increase product to 1200 case. The vineyard is planted mostly with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They also planted a smaller portion of Riesling and some test rows of Marechal Foch, Geisenheim, Cab. Franc and Gewürztraminer

Winemaker: Mackenzie Brisbois
Philosophy: We focus solely on small-batch wines. Our goal is to create superb wines utilizing the best hand-picked grapes, which will reflect the particular vintage and showcase strong varietal character. 

Traynor Family Vineyard

1774 Danforth Road
Hiller Ontario

The dream for Mike Traynor began in Decemeber of 2008 when he purchased the property. This was followed by years of hard work. Five aces of vines wereplanted by hand. They planted Sauvignon Blac,Frontenac Gris and Marquette. a tracter was not in the budget but Kemp Stewart at Hillier Creek loaned them his.

The doors to the winery shop opened in 2014

Winemaker: Mike Traynor

Waupoos Estate Winery

3016 County Road 8
Waupoos, ON KOK 2T0

Ed Neuser and Rita Kaimins opened their winery in 2001 the first all grape winery in the region.
They named the winery after the local village.

Ed Neuser, a German-born machinist who came to Canada in 1957, purchased the 100-acre farm century-old house in 1983. Ed chuckles when he recalls the night that he and Rita decided to try planting grapes. “It was after a couple glasses of wine, or maybe it was a couple of bottles,” he jokes. “Everybody thought we were off our rockers – we had no experience growing grapes or making wines.”

The winery has a beautiful lakeside restaurant that is fully licensed. Reservations are required.  20 acre vineyard has grown with new plantings of Shiraz grapes, Gewürztraminer grapes, and Gamay Noir grapes. They have have an apple and peach orchard, a modest citrus grove and a vast sugar bush, where we tap 1,500 maple trees to produce our own Maple Syrup.

Viticulturist/ Winemaker: Kyle Baldwin
Winemaker: Amy Baldwin
Philosophy: I try to be as minimally invasive as possible throughout the process. I'm not opposed to experimenting with new wine styles and techniques. Each vintage presents opportunity to create unique wines, and the path for each wine is different. I believe there is room for both tradition and innovation in winemaking.

33 Vines

9261 Highway 33
The Loyalist Parkway
Conway, Ontario

A boutique winery producing premium red and white wines from vinifera grape vines on our seven acre parcel of land overlooking the Adolphus Reach inlet on Lake Ontario. Located on historic Highway 33, the Loyalist Parkway that runs all the way through the beautiful island of Prince Edward County.

The winery is owned by Art & Lorrie Maw. They have 12 Acres which has 10 Acres under vine; including: Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Merlot.The vineyard has a complete cedar post trellis system with a double wire low cordon system.

The buildings on our property consist of a large 8,000 sq ft Loyalist post and beam barn which was built in the mid to late 1800s. The barn has been renovated into a modern winery site that is used for the entire processing of our grapes into wines, including: crushing, fermentation, cold stabilization, barrel aging, filtering, bottling, packaging and storage. A historic Canadian National Railway Caboose has been fully renovated and serves as our unique tasting room.

Winemaker: James Maw

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