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Newfoundland and Labrador

Frozen in Time Ltd|
Frozen in Time

Canada's most eastern province comprising the Island of Newfoundland and Labrador on Canada's mainland sharing a provincial border on its western side with Quebec and the Atlantic. The opening to the Gulf of St Lawrence separates the two. Only the Island grows fruit producing wines.

Frozen in Time Ltd

Markland , NFLD
Mail: P. O. Box 98
Whitbourne, NF AOB 3KO

New owner new name Krol family

Located 50 miles west of St. John's, the province capital. The estate original building was once a cottage hospital build in 1935. When the hospital closed Dr. and Mrs. Marie-France Rodrigues moved in. Starting with only a desire to make blueberry wine as it was made in the past and offer employment opportunities in their community

Founded in 1993 as Markland Cottage Winery, Rodrigues Winery is Newfoundland's first winery and has continued to grow in both capacity and in the variety of wines produced from wild berries and pesticide-free fruit to become Canada's largest exclusively fruit winery. production in 2004 should produce 17 000 cases of wine

The winery was purchased 2016 by the Krol family and renamed Frozen in Time. Frozen in Time president Marek Krol hopes to develop a 402-hectare blueberry farm,

Frozen in Time produces high quality, premium berry / fruit wines and liqueurs. The variety of wines produced from local wild berries and pesticide-free fruit include Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Cloudberry, Black Currant and Birch. Our wines have expanded over the years and have been honoured with a variety of national and international awards.

The addition of a traditional European copper pot distillery allows the winery to produce liqueurs, as well.

In 2017, Krol created a television show called Living Wild TV, which is aired on Cottage Life, Travel + Escape and the Outdoor Lifestyle Network. The show is about how to live off the land using natural foods.

In the same year, he also started another show called Cooking for a Cause, in which various celebrities cook natural food for different health and wellness disorders.

Wines can be found in Europe and USA.

Winemaker: Marek Krol

Philosophy: Dedicated to producing high quality premium wines and spirits handcrafted with care. We blend the natural flavours and aromas of the locally grown berries and fruit and allow them to age into wine without sulfites. Clean and natural wines for health, well being and happiness.

Auk Island Winery

29 Durrell Street,
Twillingate, NF
A0G 1Y0

Auk Island Winery is named in remembrance of the Great Auk that became extinct in 1844. It was the original Penguin and was found in great numbers around Notre Dame Bay and the Funk Islands. The winery is owned by Grant Young, who purchased what was formally known as Weil Winery Ltd.  The main label for Auk Island winery is Norte Dame Wine.

A unique feature of the winery is the use of Iceberg water to make the wines. They also use wild berries free of pesticides.

Their wines include: Black CurrantIceberg, Gooseberry, Crow Berry and Bakeapple Iceberg

Winemaker: Winston Jennings
Philosophy: Make a variety of wines from fruits and berries available.

Dark Cove Cottage Winery

PO Box 741
220 J.R.Smallwood Blvd 
Gambo NL A0G 1T0


Glenda Baker and John Bickerton started their vineyard in 1992. Gambo is located in central eastern Newfoundland, 40 km east of Gander and 294 km west of St John's They have tested over 45 varieties in the vineyard. The vineyard has 1,800 vines including Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer, Frontenac and Delisle.

Winemaker: John Bickerton


6 Lewis Lane
Fleur de Lys, NL
A0K 2M0 Canada


“Springwine©”? It’s a new category of wine that is made from birch nectar or birch sap from birch trees, which is harvested in the spring of the year. Sap World was created by our CEO and Founder, Craig Lewis.  He read an article about birch sap and was intrigued by its
various uses and unlimited potential.


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