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Prince Edward Island is located on the east coast of Canada with a population of approximately 139,000 residents. Prince Edward Island, is the smallest of the Canadian provinces both in size and population . While it is densely populated, it is not overcrowded. The Province is also called 'PEI', or simply 'The Island'. The capital city is Charlottetown The Island is 224 kilometers long and is connected to the mainland by the Confederation Bridge which is the world's longest bridge (12.9 km) over ice covered waters.

The climate on Prince Edward Island is milder than the Canadian mainland due to the warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence surround it. This makes for damp conditions throughout the year. The Island receives an average yearly rainfall of 868 mm and an average yearly snowfall of 340 cm. The Island enjoys an average temperature of -7C (19F ) in January, and 19C (67F) in July.

Summers are quite warm, but rarely humid. Daytime temperatures are usually in the 20's (70's) and can go as high as 32 degrees C. (90 degree F.). Summer days and evenings have a refreshing breeze. July and August are the warmest and driest months

Honeydew Apiaries

6718 Rte. 19
Canoe Cove, PEI
C0A 1H7


Honeydew Apiaries

They sold in 2018 the name was changed to Canoe Cove. Canoe Cove facebook page says they no longer produce mead.

A bee farm producing meads owned by Daniel and Beatrice Ficza. Daniel is a very experience Beekeeper having worked in California, Alberta and British Columbia before settling in New Brunswick

The meadery is between Charlottetown and the Confederation Bridge on the south shore.  Most of the hives are located within half hour drive from the apiary. They have 400 hives

Their mead is sold under the label The Golden Drop.

Mead Maker:   Daniel Ficza    
Philosophy:   To strive for high quality, reasonably priced.                                 


Island Honey Wine Company

820 Millboro Rd
Wheatley River, P.E.I

Island Honey Wine Company

The meadey opened in 2017 owned by Charles Lipnicki and his wife Laura. Theyhad been looking for an escape from the daily grind of his job as a salesman. On a visit to PEI Laura remaked. Their farm is named "La Serena Farm" where the Island Honey Wine Company stands today. 

"You know Charles I really envy the people that live in Prince Edward Island … they're never more than 20 minutes from the ocean, they have these fertile rolling fields, wonderful farmland … it's a beautiful place to live, the people are so warm … I would love to be one of those people,'"

They produce a Traditional dessert Mead, Haskap berry Mead​, Wildflower Honey Mead, Lavender Mead, and Apple Mead.

We have a small apiary on our farm and we work with 2 other beekeepers to have the best product we can find. We never pasteurize our honey, our lavender and haskap is certified organic and grown on site. ​We have planted many flowering shrubs and trees to ensure a future with many flowers all season long. Sheep are used to mow the lavender field and the haskap orchard and ducks are used to control insects that are attracted to the orchard. We are growing a heritage apple orchard in the hopes of one day being able to offer a unique taste profile through an apple cyser mead. We love farming and the mead business because we can share our products and our farm experience with our guests. It is rewarding to serve them a product when they can see the ingredients growing while looking out the tasting room window. True Prince Edward Island terroir.

They are located about 15 minutes from the Charlottetown

Beekeeper / Meadmaker Charles Lipnicki
Philosophy: Use the purest local ingredients and try to make the business model environmentally sustainable



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