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Choosing the right wine to go with a particular cheese can be a very tricky thing for the inexperienced. At times even the connoisseurs of wine and cheese find it tricky. We can offer suggestions but you can always select you favourite wines and cheese and let your taste buds decide.

There are well over 2000 types of cheeses in the world. France is famous for its creamy aromatic Brie, Switzerland for its nutty, buttery Emmenthal and Great Britain its regal blue-veined Stilton and delectable Cheddar. Each cheese is unique and reflects the geography, traditions, culture and tastes of its environment. The same maybe said of wines.

Canada produces significant amounts of cheese particularly in Ontario and Quebec, although other provinces are increasing their output. While Quebec cheese makers excel in soft and cream cheeses, dairies in Ontario produce excellent hard cheeses among which cheddar is the most popular. Canadian cheddar has always been popular and was exported to Greta Britain and the U S A in the 19 and 20th centuries. There are some fine cheese makers in British Columbia. The Salt Spring Island Cheese Company under Josh Woods specializes in handmade goat and sheep cheeses

Simply Put

  • Wine is the best beverage to go with cheese.
  • White wine over red
  • Red wine over dessert wine
  • Dry wine over sweet

Hints for choosing the correct Wine
  • Curd Cheese - White - Riesling, Sauvignon, Champagne, Sparkling wines
  • Young Goat Cheese -White - Young Sauvignon, Riesling, some reds like Beaujolais
  • Mellow Goat Cheese - Mature Whites - or heavy reds
  • Soft cheese with white rind - white - Chardonnay or bold reds
  • Cheese with blue rind - Traminer, sherry port style wines- Red - Pomerol
  • Cheese with Red Spread - White Wines , Spicy Traminer, Muscat d'Alasce
  • Fine Slice Cheese - White- Riesling - Mild Reds
  • Spicy Hard - Rose , Merlot
  • Sour Milk Cheese - cider


Fruit Wine Pairing

 Pear wines go well with blue cheeses and goat cheeses

Apples wines are fantastic with sharp cheddars, especially 5 year old Quebec

Cherry wines are lovely with soft cheeses such as Brie and Camembert

Peach wines are great with Gouda, Brie, Edam and Blue


Getting Specific

Abondance is an excellent example of a great French artisanal cheese that dates back almost 700 years

White wine is best try Chardonnay , Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc

Allgau Mountain Cheese from Allagau has an intense spicy flavour

White wine Schonburger

ALPINDON: “Gift of the Alpine,” our premium cheese, is a firm cheese carefully modeled after French Beaufort d'Alpage . Following centuries old tradition this cheese is hand-rubbed and made only with milk from summer pastures. It exhibits a smooth nut flavour, a complex finish, a rich golden interior and a dark textured rind. Additional aging concentrates its flavours, deepens its complexity, and increases the sweet crystals that develop throughout the body of the cheese.

Made in BC by Kootenay Alpine Cheese Co

Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon

Goat Cheese from Altenburge

Goat Cheese from Altenburge intense flavour with potent caraway taste

White wine - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc,Chenin Blanc some like Sparkling wines.

Appenzeller cheese is a hard cow's-milk cheese produced in the Appenzell region of northeast Switzerland. The Cheese receives its unique flavors from the herbs, liquors and wines that comprise the solution in which the wheels are bathed

The cheese pairs very well with Riesling and other fruity whites. A wine which is high in fruit flavors will complement the Appenzeller cheese while also toning down the acidity of the cheese . The cheese can also be slightly spicy, which is why it complements Riesling so well. It can also be eaten with sweet slightly tart fruits such as apples, or paired with cheeses to make up a cheese platter.

also with light body reds. Merlot

Ardrahan is a glorious washed-rind, semi- soft cheese

Ardrahan is a glorious washed-rind, semi- soft cheese from the south of Ireland. It has a creamy, nutty palate similar to a Swiss Appenzeller. Ardrahan is made exclusively on the Burns family farm in Duhallow

Pinot Noir , Chianti , Sangiovese

Asiago is an Italian cow's milk cheese that can assume different textures, according to its aging , from smooth for the fresh Asiago (Asiago Pressato) to a crumbly texture for the aged cheese (Asiago d'allevo) of which the flavour is reminiscent of Parmesan . The aged cheese is often grated in salads , soups , pastas , and sauces while the fresh Asiago is sliced to prepare panini or sandwiches ; it can also be melted on a variety of dishes

Asiago d'Allevo is produced by using a mixture of whole milk and skimmed milk

Full Bodied Red wines may be best Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Azeitão from Portugal

Azeitão from Portugal is a concentrated round of sheep's milk cheese made with cardoon thistle rather than traditional animal rennet

Has a very unique and full flavour great with wines.

Best with red like Merlot or very crisp whites Tempranillo is good

Ballyoak is a type of Brie made in Ireland using pasteurized cow's milk. The cheese is then kiln-smoked with oak wood. Ballyoak cheese can be found in some gourmet shops as well as online stores. This cheese pairs well with Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc

Beaufort is a cheese made in the Alps mountains in France from Tarine cows milk

Beaufort is a cheese made in the Alps mountains in France from Tarine cows milk

Chablis, Burgundy, white wine Rose will be oaky too


Blackburn cheese

Blackburn This namesake cheese from Fromagerie Blackburn is carefully aged for 5 months on the same family farm where the cheese is produced. The Blackburn is a wonderful example of a large format washed rind cheese. A semi firm texture conveys a deep and earthy flavour, which mellows as it is tasted to give notes of blackberry and sweet fruit.

Le Mont-Jacob was awarded the title of best cheese in the washed-rind, soft and semi-soft cheese category at the 2011 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix

The Blackburns are a seasoned dairy farming family and like many in Quebec, want to create more value from their existing operation. They went to cheese-making school at St Hyacinthe and in 2006 began cheese production

Dry whites, Sauvignon Blanc

Blu Benedictine

Blu Benedictine This award-winning blue is one of several cheeses produced by a Benedictine community in Quebec's eastern townships region. Bleu Benedictin has sharp, clean herbal aromas and a balanced sweet, earthy and piquant flavour. Expressive, but not overly strong, this blue is delicious crumbled over root vegetable soup or beet salad, or on a cheese board with figs and walnuts.

Petite Syrah, Pinot Noir

Bleu d'Auvergne

Bleu d'Auvergne : The smell of Bleu d'Auvergne is strong. The taste is spicy with flavors of grasses and wild flowers

Wines fortified wines, dessert wines or bold reds
and Icewine.

The same would be true of most Blue Cheeses for example Blue des Causses,Blu du HautJura or Blue de Gex and Blu du Vercors-Sassenage.

Blue Haze

Blue Haze is a Canadian blue cheese.This is a smoked blue cheese, made from cow's milk, that is produced by the the monks at the Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac in Quebec.

Soft and sweet, Blue Haze is smoked with a “harvest blend” of Ontario hardwood wood chips in Cayuga, Ontario. The middle of the cheese retains the piquant flavour of a great blue cheese, while the outer edges reveals a delicate smokiness that is expressive but not overly “smokey”.



Brie is the best known French cheese and has a nickname "The Queen of Cheeses

a soft cow's cheese named after Brie , the French region from which it originated. Brie produced in other countries can be made different than the original

Pinot blanc, pinot gris, gewürztraminer, semillon and unwooded chardonnay ,sweet Sherry


Brocciu is considered a national food in Corsica, an island off the Cote d'Azur. Brocciu is derived from the word "brousse" which means fresh cheese made with goat or ewe's milk. Brocciu cheese is similar to ricotta in Italy.

Brocciu is lactose free

White wines are best try Sauvignon


Having a glass of fine French Wine and cheese will truly delight your taste buds. However, it takes time and practice to perfectly pair the wine and cheese that complement each other. If you just love enjoying fine wine and cheese, then you will surely find the information that you will get here very useful. Feel free to read the following paragraphs to get tips and suggestions on choosing the best wine to go with your cheese.

Choosing the right wine to go with a particular cheese can be a very tricky thing for the inexperienced. At times even the connoisseurs of wine and cheese find it tricky. We can offer suggestions but you can always select you favorite wines and cheese and let your taste buds decide


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