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On a hot summers night in late July two couples friends from Belgium and England are sitting down for dinner at a Cafe in the city of Bordeaux France. They conduct their conversation in English. The conversation turns to the wine selection. The friends scroll down the wine list. It features, of course, wines from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece, Chile, Spain, Hungrey and California.

One of the friends notices at the bottom an Icewine from Canada. He comments. " They have an icewine from Canada perhaps after dinner we could try it" Another speaks "wounder if they make other wines there or is it too cold"

At a nearby table another couple is enjoying their dinner. They smile at each other, the man speaks to his wife. " Canada does make some nice wines from two very lovely regions" His wife speaks; "One is the Okanagan I forgot the other." "Niagara"; he responds.

At a third table sits a couple from Canada. They live in Picton Ontario. Picton is an unincorporated community located in Prince Edward County in southeastern Ontario, roughly 160 km (99 mi) east of Toronto.

The couple from Canada are also wine enthusiast. They have respected the region they are visiting and are enjoying a wine from Bordeaux. They have compared the wine to many varieties of wines from PEC that they have frequently enjoyed back home. The man speaks loudly "I should tell them about" His wife smiles " or Intervin international wine awards or Decanter World Wine Awards they would be amazed by all the wineries in Canada winning awards."

The couple goes on to reflect on the wineries they visited in PEC this summer.

Prince Edward County has close to fifty wineries and is a major wine producing region in the country. Among the oldest wineries is Waupoos Estate Winery. Ed Neuser and Rita Kaimins opened their winery in 2001 the first all grape winery in the region. They named the winery after the local village.

Other notable wineries include the Grange of Prince Edward Estate Winery a family run business established in 2002 by Robert Granger and his daughter Caroline. With 60 acres of vineyards, a pastoral setting and a dramatic tasting room housed in a lovingly restored 1826 barn.

Sandbanks Estate Winery owned by Catherine Langlois. Catherine studied winemaking in Burgundy. She worked briefly for an Ontario winery before seeking her own property in 1999

Karlo Estates Winery is the first Certified Vegan winery in the World. This vegan certification is a result of their belief in the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle on health and environmental welfare. Sherry Karlo is the owner.

Huff Estates Winery one of the larger wineries with a state-of-the-art facility. The doors officially opened on June 12, 2004.  The winery is owned by Frank (Lanny) Huff.

Recently creating a buzz for his high quality wine is Dan Sullivan of Rosenhall Run

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Note: There are wineries located in all ten Canadian Provinces and the YUkon.


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