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Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

British Columbia's first Meadery

Tugwell Creek Meader - photo by Robert A Bell

I have known for sometime now that honey can make good wines. Tugwell Creek owned and operated by Bob Liptrot and Dana LeComte have proven this over and over again. Yet when I visited this Sept I was surprised to see how business they were considering their location away's west of Sooke on Vancouver Island and by now many wineries have closed for the season.. What was even better everyone liked their products and were taking home their meads and honey.

The website Discover Sooke writes The small, harbour-side town of Sooke, British Columbia is a quintessential diamond in the rough. Nestled among towering, rugged rainforests and unspoiled beaches. I believe Tugwell Creek's meads are another of Sooke's treasures.


The lady behind the counter is co-owner Dana LeComte.. Bob a renowned Beekeeper makes the meads. Bob name one of his modern style full bodied meads Kickass Currant Family reserve. which pretty much says it all.

It is all about the Bees

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery was born from a passion for bees.  Bees are the central focus of our business.  Without their success, we would not have honey.   Without honey there is no mead.

We make small batches of hand crafted mead (honey wine) from local berries, mostly from our farm.  Our honey comes from a 20 km circumference of our farm.  The core philosophy that all of this comes from is our passion for and the sustainability of our environment.  Instead of keeping bees on large monocutural crops, we put our bees on wild forage where they get a complete diet that is considered the most healthy thing for the bees.

As our products are local so that we can control all aspects of our production. We are fanatical about quality and choose to stay small and local.  We are certified Kosher by BC Kosher.

A passionate beekeeper, Bob teaches beekeeping at Royal Roads University every year, actively promotes bees through social media, and is an active member of apicultural research projects.  He is the past president of the Langley, South Fraser Division of the Fraser Valley Bee Keepers Association, is a member of the B.C. Honey Producers & Capital Regional Beekeepers Association.


Dana took us through a very enjoyable tasting, doing a good job of dealing with a constant flow of people coming and going. I was leaning towards purchasing their famous Wassail Blush- Sweet Berry Mead 2011 recently named one of the Best Wines of 2012 by CBC Time for Wine. Barbara however liked the very distinctive taste of ginger in their Solstice Metheglin 2012, an ancient style mead. I had to agree that this was an uniquely flavoured mead.

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery is a good place to visit for the whole family, besides the wine you can learn about the importance of Bees in our world and see numerous farm animals. The scenic location is a bonus.

Please see Robert's Selections for more on Tugwell Creek's meads.

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