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Kraze Legz Vineyard and Winery

We knew Kraze Legz has some fun loving owners. We knew they had great wines but never did we know the sleepy little village of Kaleden had my dream winery. What a lovely local.

You drive through the narrow village roads you make a turn and there it is a dirt road running up the hillside among the vines.

You look back and see this view of Skahal Lake

After taken fifty plus pictures I could hear the voice of owner Gerry Thygesen calling us inside.

Although I don't know why he seemed occupied although his wife Sue was doing all the work.

At last it was time to taste the wines The wineries cellar includes the SKAHA Vineyard label

They have an excellent cellar of wines. Some of the highlights were the 2013 Skaha Mystique a blend of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. The Skaha Merlot 2012 and the Imulsion were very good, along with the Reserved Impulsion. Now if your a fan of Icewine as I am their Icewine Merlot amazing. Gerry dipped into his personal cellar of a special wine long ago sold out my was it good.


Thank you Sue and Gerry it was a Kraze good visit


Robert's Report

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