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The Trip 2015

Intersection Winery

it is alway nice to find the owner, Bruce Schmidt, waiting for as we turned into the parking lot. Bruce was actually just working on improvements to his entrance way. After a brief chat we left him to work and escape the heat for the cool nicely designed tasting room.

Inside we were warmly welcomed by tasting room manger Lorraine Gibson and winemaker Dylan Roche. They manger to entertain us and pour wine at the same time. It was fun! I believe we tasted 7 wines. They have an impressive cellar. Viognier - Marsanne 2013 was amazing. We completely enjoyed our time at the winery After the tasting we selected our purchases. Lorraine agreed to cool a white for us to have later that evening. So we went off to Hester Creek and Culmina returing later to pick up our wine.



Robert's Report

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