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Part Three - Ontario

Oxley Estate Winery ~ Lake Erie North Shore.

Maelstrom Winery

 Maelstrom Winery

Located on the north eastern shore of Lake Huron, Huron County, west of Toronto. A Maelstrom is a powerful tidal current or whirlpool. In literature, a Maelstrom is almost always used metaphorically to depict adversity and the hidden opportunities presented by that hardship.

Maelstrom Winery took root in 2009, when the Landsborough family planted a test plot of vines to see if they would survive Huron County’s cold climate. To their delight, the vines not only survived – they thrived! So in 2010, they planted 2 more acres of vines,

The vineyard now has over 8 acres of grape vines - Vitis vinifera and hybrid varietals. The winery is nestled in the crook of land between the south Maitland river and the Bayfield river. 

Mountain Road Winery

Mountain Road Wine Company

started with the establishment of its first vineyards in 1983 by owner and winemaker Steve Kocsis on a farm originally purchased by his parents Andy and Klara in 1958. Thirteen and a half acres of Chardonnay, Gamay Noir and Vidal vines were planted on the sloping terrain of the Beamsville Bench

In 2000 Steve produced his first commercial wine, a 1999 Vidal Icewine. It won a Gold medal and was judged to be the Best Sweet White Wine at the Cellars of the World International Competition in Ottawa. His 2002 Chardonnay was chosen as the Best Canadian White Wine at the All-Canadian Wine Championships in 2006 and his 2002 Cabernet Blend was chosen as the official wine of the Ontario Legislature.

Muskoka Lake Winery

Muskoka Lakes Winery

Located two hours north of Toronto on Lake Muskoka. Bala is home to the only two producing commercial cranberry farms in the province. In 1952, Orville Johnston began planting cranberries. Over fifty years later, Johnston's Cranberry Marsh is one of the oldest cranberry farms in Canada and is owned and operated by Orville's son, Murray Johnston and Murray's wife, Wendy Hogarth.

In 2001, the Johnstons decided to begin a new venture, Muskoka Lakes Winery. While grapes don't grow in the region, cranberries sure do, and MLW specializes in wines made with Muskoka's native berry. With Jim Warren, a well-known winemaker in the Niagara region, as a consultant the Johnstons began making wine.

Signature wines : Cranberry, Cranberry Blueberry, White Cranberry, Wild Blueberry, Oak Aged Wild Blueberry and Red Maple (a fortified dessert wine made with cranberries and maple syrup).



Nyarai Cellars

A virtual winery owned by noted winemaker Steve Byfield . He operates out of Coffin Ridge Vineyards in North Annan.

The name Nyarai (pronounced Na-Rye) is derived from the Southern African Shona dialect meaning Humility. 

Our goal is to showcase the intimate bond between the activities that occur in the vineyard and the cellar

North 42 Degrees Estate Winery


North 42 Degrees Estate

The Colchester, Ontario winery with 17.5 acres of vineyards opened in 2012 and is owned by Martin Gorski and Suzanne Dajczak.

In 2008, they planted the vineyard with Pinot noir, Sauvignon blanc, Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Cabernet franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.


On the Eight Country Winery

Located in Waupoos, PEC. The winery is owed by Roberto Lorenzoni. The Winemaker is Jenifer Dean

Oxley Estate Winery

Located in the historic hamlet of Oxley on the Lake Erie North Shore. The winery is owned by Ann Neydon Wilson and Murray Wilson. They purchased the land (then a vegetable farm) called Oak Bluff in 2010.

They  farm their vineyards using eco-friendly farming practices, including reduced chemical intervention, in an effort to encourage a healthy and sustainable environment.

A very successful operation



Paglione Estate Winery

Tuscan inspired, family operated winery along the shores of Lake Erie.

Since he was a little boy in Italy, Sam Paglione always dreamed of owning a winery. In June 2013, that dream became a reality and Paglione Estate Winery opened its doors to the public.

redtail winery


Redtail Vineyard

Pauline Joicey and Gilbert Provost began their winery in 2002 by purchasing 11 acres, just south of the village of Consecon. Their dream began a few years earlier when rented a summer cottage in PEC and realized the potential for growing grape.

The winery is powered strictly by solar power. Named after the Red Tail Hawk.

They craft Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir from grapes grown on the property. 

photo by Fred Couch


Ridge Road Winery

Situated on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, over looking Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline, they are the most westerly winery in the Niagara Region.

The farm has been in the family since the mid-1800'. The winery is owned by Jayne and Sean Douglas The name was chosen as they are on Ridge Road, they liked the alliteration and the fact that it clearly identified our location.

They describe their winery as A family-run winery with a single objective in mind - to make high quality, hand-crafted wines from locally grown grapes. We're serious about our wines, but we know that a memorable journey isn't complete without a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere

Riverview Cellars

Riverview Cellars is a family estate winery dedicated to producing small-batch wines alongside the Niagara River in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

 Sam Pillitteri  is the owner and founder of the winery. The family has farmed here since the 70's operating a fruit market. Grapes Gewürztraminer were first planed in 1992 The farm was slowly converted into a full-scale winery.

Rosewood Estates

Renata and Eugene Roman purchased 40 acres of land in 2000 on the the Beamsville Bench. Their goal was to start a small-batch artisan winery and meadery. As they love roses and have wonderful woods on the property the winery was named Rosewood.

They claim to be the first in Niagara to produce mead.

Rush Creek Wines Ltd.

Rush Creek Wines is the result of a dream that the Flintoft family had some time ago. With beautiful orchards close to the North shore of Lake Erie, in the Eastern Region of Elgin County and a love of wines

Bonnie Preece established the  Carolinian Winery & Eatery in May 2011. The Carolinian's winery and manufacturing business started to take on a brand of its own and the decision was made to move the Carolinian's manufacturing and retail licenses over to Rush Creek Wines in Aylmer.


Sanson Estate Winery

The winery is owned by professional chef Dennis Sanson and his partner Maureen Jacks. The winery opened in 2002 with three hectares primarily growing Vidal and Baco Noir

Located in  McGregor, near Windsor.


This is part three in a series of Wineries We Would Like to Know Better. The series will take us through Ontario then later into British Columbia. Those living in Ontario will know these wineries better than I a resident of British Columbia. We invite these wineries and all wineries, Meaderies and cider producers in Canada to send us information!

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