Wellbrook Winery

Iced Apple

One of two wineries in Delta ( the lower mainland of British Columbia) Wellbrook is located close to the Boundry Bay Airport. Owned by fruit producer Terry Bremner. Known for their Bremner Foods Ltd. making fruit juices and other related products. Owner Terry Bremner started Wellbrook Winery with the goal to be more than just a winery, he also wanted it to be a truly unique experience. Terry believes that by providing excellent wines and juices as well as other gourmet products in a unique setting that this will provide a great experience and fond memories of their visit for the guests.

My favourite wine is the Iced Apple. Five varieties of B.C. apples make this a beautifully balanced, rich, intensely apple flavored dessert wine. It is sweet a 10 on the current BC wine scale. Iced Apple is very popular in Quebec. If you try ths one you will understand why!

Terry Bremner


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