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Smokie Ridge

10090 Cameron Road
Mountain Ontario K0E 1S0

Smokie Ridge

Located only 25 minutes from Ottawa (South Mountain, Ontario), Smokie Ridge Vineyard is a local family owned and operated winery established in 2007. Specializing in northern varietal grapes, such as Frontenac Noir Sabrevois, St-Pepin, Louise Swenson, Marquette and Frotenac Gris. The winery is owned by Paul and Deborah LeBlanc. They are blessed with the help of famil and friends. The origins of the name for Smokie Ridge Vineyard comes from the owner and owner's father who are nicknamed Smokie

Smokie and Debbie Leblanc

Smokie and Debbie Leblanc

Over the course of my military career, this nickname stuck. Although we first wanted to name the vineyard and winery to be Mountain Ridge Vineyard to underscore the name of our town, my boys (also owners) insisted that we call it Smokie Ridge. This idea was fully entrenched the day we woke to a picturesque mist across the rows of newly planted vines giving a smoky feel to the ridge where they're planted. This name seemed even more appropriate when some of the wines we first produced had a smoky flavor to them. - Paul LeBlanc

Debbie Leblanc planting

Smokie retired from the military in 2006 after 32 years of service with the dream of growing grapes. They purchased the property in mountain Ontario the same year. One year later, they planted their first 7,500 vines in the upper field. The following year they planted 2,500 additional vines in our lower field – affectionately referred to as “Claude's field”, where an acre has been severed to allow our son to build a house. In 2009, we broke ground on our winery, store and cellaring facilities and a year later, they picked their first harvest and welcomed their first grandchild, Nathan.


In 2011 we bottled our first vintage which very pleasantly exceeded even our expectations.

Smokie Leblanc and Dick Yole

They specialize in Cool climate wines or as they refer to them Cold World grapes. Smokie Ridge will continue to learn and shape the flavours of their wines by using and experimenting with traditional wine making techniques for stabilization, acidity, fermentation, oaking and barreling. The wineamaking team Paul, Claude and Maurice LeBlan;. assisted by John David and John Simpson

The two values behind our winemaking are “Craftsmanship and Innovation”. A great wine is a balance of art, science and alchemy, both in the vineyard and the winery. We at SRV have raised over 10,000 vines from infancy within 40 miles of one of the world's coldest capital cities. These hearty “Cold World” varietals – namely Frontenac, Sabrevois, St-Pepin, Louise Swenson, and Marquette – are relatively new to the wine making community and demand a high degree of craftsmanship to ensure the final wine captures the very best characteristics of these grapes.

In August 2012 e opened the retail store's doors, and have been delighted with the visitors and the pleasure in serving them.

The Leblanc also have a love of horses. When purchasing the property theu made sure the land would not only provide a vineyard but also land for their horses. They have plans to add a stable, lodging, and a destination venue for special events, continuing to enhance the leisure industry in this area and provide a unique and beautiful attraction for Ottawa and surrounding communities

signature wines are the Rosé, Rosie Cheeks and their Red, Cabernet de Montagne

Smokie Ridge Vineyard owes its success to the people who are involved. What began as a family business has remained that way – and has grown to include extended family and a wonderful close knit group of enthusiasts. On any given Saturday we have a parade of family and friends with no end of talent and passion coming through our doors to lend a hand. The start of our legacy began with these people – and so did our wines. Our first ever wine is dedicated to these folks – Unexpected Guest.


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