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Chapelle Ste Agnès vineyard

Chapelle Ste Agnès

2565 Chemin Scenic
Sutton, Québec
J0E 2K0

Tel: (450) 538-0303
Email j.antony@vindeglace.com



Perhaps one of the worlds most beatuifull and exciting wineries in the world. Located in the Sutton Mountains of southern Quebec, the Chapelle Ste Agnès vineyard was established in 1997 by Henrietta Antony, a Montreal antique dealer. The vineyard is named after a stone chapel built several years earlier on the same site and consecrated to Saint Agnes, a thirteenth century Bohemian saint. The vineyard has over 7000 vines and is focused on the production of icewine and other dessert wines

The vineyard, which is located in the beautiful Missisquoi valley, has massive stone walls supporting 18 terraces and is accompanied by a new banquet hall, a Romanesque stone chapel and four levels of medieval wine cellars The winemaker is Christian Barthomeuf who pioneered icewine making in Quebec. A Romanesque-style stone chapel, banquet hall and four levels of impressive medieval cellars accompany the vineyard. The vines are not hilled, but individually wrapped with thermal insulation, and the vineyard is farmed organically.



The cellars of the Chapelle Ste Agnès vineyard are a large medieval style underground complex, where temperature and humidity are almost constant year round. The cellars consist of four underground levels, and feature a number of stone barrel and cross vaults that were built by a master stone cutter from France and by vault masters from southern Moravia. In order to build these vaults, dozens of varying and specialized forms needed to be constructed. The end result is a medieval style cellar complex dedicated to the production and storage of their wines.



Due to the private nature of the Estate, visits are possible year round however they must be booked ahead of time by email or by telephone (450)-538-0303. Visits cost $15.00 per person or $25.00 per person including a wine tasting session of several vintages, based on a minimum of 8 persons (taxes included). Plan on a pleasant 2 hour visit to learn about the Romanesque stone chapel, vineyard, medieval cellars and to participate in the wine tasting.

The grounds of the Chapelle Ste Agnès Vineyard are available for corporate events, groups, weddings, cocktails, parties, wine tastings and a host of other events imaginable. The estate comprises the terraced vineyard, medieval wine cellars, Romanesque chapel, several stone terraces and reception hall, which together provide an incomparable backdrop for any special outing or event.

The Boston Globe said For sure romance Chapelle Ste Agnès is in a class of its own


The winery specializes in icewines, it has won numerous medals in international competitions.


Chapelle Ste Agnès vineyard

Recommended Wines

Cuvée Majorique 2005 Icewine
Gewürztraminer 2002 Icewine
Vidal Geisenheim 2002 Icewine

The icewines are naturally produced and allowed to mature slowly over 2-3 years, The wines are long on the palate and in great balance. Well-paired with fois gras and a variety of cheeses of strong character; also served with desserts less sweet than the icewine. But as always - best appreciated on its own.

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