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LaStella is situated at Osoyoos Lake in the sunny South Okanagan valley of beautiful British Columbia. LaStella was created to capture our vision of la dolce vita: fine food, wonderful wine, great music, and the good things in life. The winery was named after the owners daughter LaStella the name is Italian for little star.

Enotecca Winery and Resorts is the owner of the winery and its sister winery Le Vieux Pin. Enotecca is controlled by three entrepreneurs: Saeedeh and Sean Salem, an Iran-born husband and wife team, and Greg Thomas.

The winery practices Organic farming with hands on production of their tuscany styled wines.
Severine Pinte is the winemaker. She came to LaStella n in 2010 with 14 harvests of international wine making experience under her belt along with 8 years of vineyard management.

LaStella's winemakers craft such proprietary wines such as Allegreto, Vivace and Maestoso. Each wine has its own story -- and at LaStella, to convey this unique story, they name their wines after Italian musical notes. After all, no single descriptive word can truly describe the emotion that waits to be experienced in each bottle.

Brides love LA Stella's Wedding Facilities

Signature Wine

"At Lastella, we view the greatness of wine in relation to the context in which it is consumed. Leggiero (our un-oaked chardonnay) is about elegance, Allegreto about balance, Fortissimo reveals balance combined with longevity. Maestoso however is our way of making a bold statement. This is a wine with the flamboyant style of a Lamborghini or a renaissance cathedral. Maestoso is not trying to be coy, subtle or understated; rather it's about confidence, being outspoken and unapologetic. This is a wine crafted and polished to a high gloss finish with no rough edges and no punches pulled "

2007 Maestoso Merlot John Schreiner

Almost black in color, this wine begins with an effusive aroma of black currant jamthat tries to take over the room. The wine is rich on the palate, with layers of sweet fruit flavours – plums, black berries, black currants. Frankly, this wine will blow you away

2011 Fortissimo John Schreiner

This is the winery's Tuscan inspired red. The blend is 71% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Cabernet Franc and 5% Sangiovese. It has the “dusty” aroma and dry finish that recalls good Chianti. It has aromas and flavours of cherry, cranberry and red currant. Aged in Slovenian oak, this wine has been finished with a rustic elegance that really does echo Tuscany. 91

LaStella's wines are available in Hong Kong, Tokyo, USA, Germany and Switzerland, among other markets


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