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(pronounced gren-aash ) is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world.

Despite been one of the most widley grown graped through out the world its not a name one will sit down and say I'll have a Grenache please. Well certaily not in North America. The wine is better known in France and Spain. It has also found its way into Austrailia.

It ripens late, so it needs hot, dry conditions such as those found in Spain , the south of France , and California. It is generally spicy, berry-flavored and soft on the palate with a relatively high alcohol content, but it needs careful control of yields for best results. It tends to lack acid, tannin and color , and is usually blended with other varieties such as Syrah, Carignan , Tempranillo and Cinsaut

The grape is often used in Grenache blends and is found in rosé. Grenache is the dominant variety in most Southern Rhône wines , especially in Châteauneuf-du-Pape where it is typically over 80% of the blend

Stag's Hallow in British Columbia's Okanagan is one of only a handful of wineries to grow Grenache. They release in sept of 2013 170 cases at $30.00 per bottle. Notable wine judges gave the wine an average score of 91.

Stag's Hallow's 2010 GVM 66% Grenache/23% Viognier/11% Marsanne

The Naramata Bench Red Rooster Winery has used Grenache it its Bends the most notable Golden Egg 2010 made from Mourvedre, Syrah and Grenache vinesplanted in 2007

In Ontario Pillitteri has used Grenache in some of their blends One such wine would be Pillitteri Estates Winery Cabernet Franc 2010


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