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Enrico Winery Pinot Grigio

Mill Bay on Vancouver Island
British Columbia, Canada


Located just south of the Malahat Drive in Mill Bay (Cowichan Valley) is the new winery Enrico (2010) . Enrico is the owner's name (Harry Smith) in Spanish. Harry’s wife, Maru Harper, is Spanish and has been calling Harry ‘Enrico,’ for years. The farm was purchased in the year 2000, for mixed farming purposes; but always with the intention of one day turning it into a vineyard

Their first release Pinot Grigio produced under winemaker Sarah Cosman is a winner. The wine is remarkable; upon first tasting I realized there was something unique here. The wine induced a desire to sip again and again! Exceptional complexity A must buy wine, I give it a strong score of 94.


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