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Blackwood Lane


Ahh Spring, it always bring out the urge to visit the Fraser Valley and her wineries. Our main destination was Blackwood Lane and Township7. With lunch at the Valleys oldest and very popular winery, Domaine de Chaberton

We love visiting Blackwood Lane not only does it have an outstanding cellar of wines, but the owner Carlos Lee and winery manager Kim Collins are a delightful couple who will make your visit a most memorable experience.

There were two reasons we wanted to visit; one was to taste the newly released Rebel, the other to take a look at the new landscaping and patio currently under construction. Carlos and Kim are looking forward to hosting weddings and outdoor venues this summer.


In previous articles (and our very first visit) we have talked about Blackwood Lane's fine wines, especially the Reference 2006 which we first tasted in 2010 and rated as one of the BEST in BC. I received a bottle as surprise birthday gift from Barbara that year.

I liked the intense and complex taste of their signature Bordeaux Blend 2007 Alliànce

The Rebel 2010 is a very special wine. To our delight we were given a bottle to sample at home.

We purchased the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon another favourite.

A review of the wines will be posted on Robert's Selections

While at the winery try Kim's wine jellies. Barbara says they make a perfect hostess gift.

Assistant Brian, Winemaker Carlos and Bob Bell

We were invited into the building (where the wines are made) to taste Carlo's new whites directly from the tanks. A soon to be released Chardonnay made from local grapes was offered. Carlos designs his whites with patio sipping in mind. I can envision that happening on the new patio along with the cheese platters that are available now.


When we returned to the tasting room Carlos had another treat for us; his port style dessert wines, the 2008 Merlot Canadian Port and the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Canadian Port The merlot is fortified with Blackwood's own brandy and barrel aged for 2 years. Youthful, succulent and ready to drink now; however, it will develop deeper character with bottle aging. This is Barbara's favourite one.

I preferred the deeper tasting Cabernet Sauvignon. Its bold exciting taste won the day.
Made with Blackwood Lane's finest Cabernet Sauvignon and Brandy, barrel aged for 3 years, this fortified vintage style port is ready to drink now but will continue to develop over the next decade. Look for a rich nose of blackberries, currants, orange marmalade, and dried cherries.

If you happen to be heading out to the winery call me I'd love to go again and again.

Time flies when you're having fun, after spending a delightful 2 hours with Kim and Carlos we headed down the road to Domaine de Chaberton's Bacchus Bistro for a late lunch before visiting Township7

Pevious visit to Blackwood Lane 2012
2014 Visit


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