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3033 232 Street Langley, BC

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A winery in close proximity to our home is Backyard Vineyards and one we always find a pleasure to visit. Not only are their wines outstanding (developed under the guidance of winemaker James Cambridge) the hospitality is top notch. August 01st is always a "do something special" day for us, for 2018 we chose to visit Backyard Vineyards.

Recently purchased by Diamond Estates Wine & Spirits Ltd. of Ontario, who operate their wineries under the LakeviewWine Co banner, we were pleased to learn that at this point in time things will remain as they are for the winery.

Over the years continuous improvements have been made to the tasting room and outdoor area resulting in a very warm and cozy environment; this time we noticed the addition of a picnic area near the vineyard. The tasting room was busy when we entered however, we were quickly and cheerfully greeted by hostess, Steph who is a new addition to the tasting bar.

We grabbed a couple of stools and pulled them up to the tasting bar. Norma who has been with the winery for some time warmly greeted us by our first names, considering how many people she meets in the industry we were impressed. Once the pleasantries were over we settled in to be led by Norma through the tastings of new and not so new releases of some fabulous wines.

Norma and Steph

The tasting bagan with a newly released 2017 Bacchus. Bob and I both enjoyed this wine, we found it to be most refreshing soft yet dry with really good citrus flavours. It would pair well with soft cheeses.

Next up was the 2017 Chardonnay, whose flavours of lemon and grapfruit hung on the palate. A most enjoyable wine that would pair well with both soft and firm cheeses and mild meats. We ordered a Charcuterie plate to enjoy with a Reserved Chardonnay 2017, a delightful treat, both the plate, and the wine.

The winery produces a red and a white under the name Nosey Neighbour. The 2017 white is extremely good, starting with granny smith apple, cantaloupe, and honeycomb flavours finishing with candied apple, lychee nut, pear and apricot. Barbara was introduced to the Nosy Neighbour white by James years ago, it has remained a favourite with her.

Bob liked their Pinot Gris a very good wine. Besides the Bacchus, the most impressive wine to Bob was the 2017 Riesling, numerous fruit flavours danced on the palate.

Other impressive wines were the 2016 Syrah and 2016 Gossip, if you follow our writings you will know Barbara is a red wine fancier, well she sure fancied the Gossip. We came home with two bottles, watch for a full review on Robert's Selections. Also coming home with us was a Riesling, and of course, the Bacchus.

We even had a chance for a chat with winemaker James Cambridge in between his leading of tours around the property which added to the enjoyment of our afternoon visit. Thank you Norma and Steph for your warm hospitality.



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