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Along comes a man named John Horgan. He becomes leader of the British Columbia NDP party. In May of 2017 there is an election with the Liberals winning in 43 seats – one less than the 44 required for a majority. The opposition NDP took 41, and the Greens won three seats.

The Liberal party under premier Christy Clark is forced to resign when The Green Party leader Andrew Weaver backed the NDP.

Prior to the election the government did its research, asked questions and made the decision to back the Morgan-Kinder pipe line.

In February of 2018 the Federal Government announce its approval and the matter was settled, or so we thought. But, and it was a big but,The Green party objected and demanded the NDP stop the project. Mr Hogan called for more consultation on oil spill readiness related to the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which would triple the oil flowing from the Edmonton area to the west coast. There by placing himself on the fence. A bad move in my opinion by both Mr Weaver and Mr Hogan.

Mr Hogan had many, many months to study the pipe line. More consultation only increases the cost to the taxpayer and wastes time. It also causes Kinder- Morgan and other companies to say Hey! can we trust the British Colombia Government. It also drives a wedge between provincial and Federal governments

The Alberta government from where the oil products originates is unhappy. Who can blame them. But their premier Rachel Notley and Alberta government has responded by ending the import of B.C. wine, an industry that was valued around $72 million last year. A very bad move on her part.

She creates a divide between two provincial governments. She could have called Mr. Hogan and discussed his concerns. Threats and blockades increase tension and which fester.

Now the British Columbia wineries take the high road here. Saying they will support Alberta products and offer to hold a dinner featuring Alberta Beef and BC wine.

Christine Coletta "We need to take the high road on Boycott BC Wine. I say we start a BC Red Wine and Alberta Beef promotion for the month of March. Lets show them that working together to find solutions is much better than political grand standing"

Let us remind the Alberta Government, BC did not close your original pipe line it still flows. You have other options Hudson Bay the Great Lakes. Quebec will not allow a pipe line. But you pick on your neighbour.

Former British Columbia premier Christy Clark says efforts by the province's NDP government to stymie an inter provincial pipeline are illegal and will hurt all of Canada.

Speaking to a gathering of conservatives in Ottawa, Clark says changing the rules partway through a project will make companies think twice about investing and creating jobs in Canada.

I have a degree BSED with a major in Social Science and a strong interest in history. History shows us that Ms. Notley's actions can have strong regrettable reactions causing a nation to divide. Despite no retaliation from the BC wineries or the BC government, Ms. Notley unveiled a task force to defend Alberta from what she describes as an unconstitutional attack. Thereby threatening more action against BC.

If you think the USA civil war was fought only yon the slavery issue. Your wrong it was caused by a number of smaller issues that festered as the north relied more and more on industry and the south remained dependent on farming.

Please remember the BC government has taken no action against the new pipeline only saying they wish to review safety concerns. Mrs Notley must be afraid she will lose the next provincial election.

Ms Notley I ask you to stop this type of behaviour, Its wrong. Mr Weaver stop pressing the NDP on matters that are already agreed to. It hurts the Canadian economy. The Federal Government over rules BC. NDP, Mr Hogan get on with it. You had plenty of time as opposition to study the pipe line. Liberals if the Green partywithdraws its support of the NDP over the pipeline you better support the pipe line that you agreed to.

In my opinion the pipe line should have gone up North but I respect the decision and those concerned with environmental concerns, however the process was completed, the decision was made. Get on with it. Alberta, Ms Notley you are so wrong.

Anyone objecting to gas pipe lines running under and through you own home. You know to heat your home, and pretending to BBQ

I salute the BC wineries for acting like good Canadians as the world believes us to be.

Dr Andrew Weaver saves BC wine Indusry one bottle at Time!

On Feb 19th the B.C. government announced it is formally challenging the Alberta ban on B.C. wine that was announced earlier this month.

On 20th of Feb the NDP budget proposed to extend the empty house tax to include vacation properties. Many Albertans visit the Okanagan in the summer. Will they still come with this tax? Alberta tourist but a large amount of BC wines. Will they stop coming? Will they boycott BC wine?


Meanwhile, the British Columbia government is moving to add another irritant in the relationship with Alberta. This week’s provincial budget proposed to extend the empty homes tax to include vacation properties in such places as the Okanagan.



Summerland’s Okanagan Crush Pad winery will host “Farm Friends,” an event pairing B.C. wine with Alberta beef in a show of support for both industries, on Feb. 22 at Granville Island’s Edible Canada.

Wineries slated to participate in Farm Friends include 50th Parallel Estate Winery, Culmina Family Estate Winery, Haywire, Liquidity, Painted Rock Estate Winery, Poplar Grove Winery and Summerhill Pyramid Winery, as well as Mireille Sauv with the Dames Wine project.

Principals from the winery will be on hand to talk with guests, and their wines will be showcased along with beef and bison from Alberta, all paired and prepared by Edible Canada and a selection of guest chefs.

A ticket to the event costs $55, with all proceeds going to the B.C. Hospitality Foundation.

From John Schreiner's Blog

“According to a wine industry study, one million tourists visited BC wineries in 2015, generating $452 million in direct and indirect revenue for the broader BC economy,” the BCWI says. “In the past two years, 23 percent of Alberta residents have experienced a wine tour in British Columbia, and 15% of those residents have identified wine as the primary motivation for their trip.

From the Kelowna Newspaper

"There wouldn’t be any need for these people to condemn anything if the B.C. NDP/Greens would listen to Ottawa and the people of the north, central and eastern B.C. and build the pipeline. We don’t need any more assessments. Quit wasting money and time and just get it done."


After B.C. Premier John Horgan announced his government would turn to the courts on the question of whether B.C. could put a temporary ban on increased bitumen exports from Alberta. The Alberta overnment removed the ban.

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